Impact Wrestling Rating

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Last night's Impact Wrestling did a 0.99 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 1,333,000 viewers on Spike TV.

  • StraightEdge

    Ouch is all you have to say about that.

  • James


  • Frenchfry

    Ouch thats not good

  • jdl

    It'll bounce back up to 1.1 next week, just watch. Ratings fluctuate like this on a regular basis.

    • Leg on the bottom rope, again

      Hmm, with over 350 million people in America, and one million watch, my figured were at 7! Boy was I wrong

    • jdl

      Soooo, posting to point out a good thing is somehow worth bumping my post approval down? Sad.

    • Both got knockout power & antnhiyg can happen in this fight. I think Overeem’s big factor would be his kicks. Kick JDS’s legs, as the fight goes on takes the power from JDS. As for Dos Santos I feel his big factor imo would be his speed. Maybe he can slip a couple good punches in, tko or ko for Dos Santos.

  • XKonn247

    Jesse draws?

  • weeb

    maybe they will finally and not have the same matches every week and seriously where the hell is aj styles

  • Robert

    Stop all the 3 man tags bobby roode vs someone main event i dont like thrown together tag matches and where is angle? Best wrestler ever can still outwrestle anyone

    • Point is, Reem got it easy.And they are hyping lsenar ass too much.Im tired of that highlight where he hit Heath.But lesnnar is a takedown artist and will for sure get reem taken down.Reem knows he is getting dropped.I hope the hype of Reems standup being the best in HVYweights doesnt get to lsenars head like carwin’s did..Lesnar ftw! Diaz ftw! Hendricks ftw! Nam ftw! soshyski or however you spell it ftw!

  • Riedel82

    Wwe is sinking an Tna will go first, UFC is steam rolling sports entertainment, I’m proof, I was a hardcore wrestling fan an lost love for it when I became a hardcore mma fan

    • HATER

      Then you must not truely be a hardcore fan then! DUH!