Impact Wrestling Rating

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This week's Impact Wrestling did a 0.97 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 1,262,000 viewers on Spike TV.

  • Gesusoliver

    Such a shame since it as a great show.

    • robert

      give it time, they went soo far backwards for soo long takes time to get fans back. and it was a good show as good as smackdown

  • ben

    maybe it is the channal they are sending. if it was fox ore something elles

    peoples asked for tna 2 go live they did. so the ratings are worst then. when they taped. whats wrong witj people.

  • Aldin94

    I don’t understand! Why are people not watching? Impact has been really good this whole month.

    • Seriously, I lost faith in Tna shortly after the hogan and bischoff takeover. But I have to admit, the recent shows have been awesome. People need to give it a chance and not just eat up all the crap that Vince serves us.

    • British bulldog

      Agreed!! I think they should just stick at it and be patient!! The ratings will come.

  • Joedell Graciani


  • spike westphal

    i don't think tna is ever gonna do monday night raw rateings tna is seem to be suck in a rut they can't gain viwers and they don't seem to losse that many viewers tna trys sooo hard to get the rateings up and also with some of the bigest names in wrestling they have in wrestling they don't seem to draw like they did in wwe and wcw

  • Freebleeder

    You people are crazy. TNA is the worse produced show on tv

  • James M>>>

    I’ll watch it when… no, I’ll actually never watch

  • _JIM_

    Their ratings are like a yo-yo. Up one week and down the next. Things are pretty bad when you can’t even get your core audience to watch every week…

  • TheJoker

    Do you even look at raw and smack down ratings they go up and down as well, rawalpindi average is 3.00 while smack down is 1.70 and tna is around 1.03 but all three dip and diver .01 to .05 at times. Tna’s ratings in Europe is twice that of America ratings. For 10 years they been saying tna will be going under soon yet 10 years here they still are. As for me I hope they keep up the good work as its a much needed alternative to raw or smack down

    • Another good point. I don’t get why wrestling fans find enjoyment in bashing TNA. As a fan, do you only want one option, one product, one dictator in pro wrestling?! Everyone should support the underdog and hope they become competition, because when companies compete, wrestlers have jobs and fans get a better product.

      • Deep

        It's not that we only want one option, but we would prefer something that truly is an alternative to WWE, rather than just being the place ex-WWE talents go when they've burnt all their bridges, been released, or otherwise have no place else to go.

        Before Hogan and Bischoff showed up I used to watch TNA regularly, as it truly was an alternative. I thought the six-sided ring was kind of gimmicky, but overall there was some great talent in the X Division, the Knockouts were some of the best female wrestlers on TV, and they were really starting to push their homegrown talent as stars as opposed to just relying on names from previous decades, and the ratings were also starting to reflect that. Before Hogan and Bischoff the ratings were consistently around 1.2, with the occasional 1.3 here and there. The audience was slowly growing and starting to care about the product. Even the story lines were starting to improve.

        With the arrival of Hogan and Bischoff and the switch to Monday nights, TNA got their highest ever rating, but all the slow progress they had been making did a complete 180, and the regression was so bad that two years later it's not shocking to see them consistently do below a 1 in the ratings.

        Sure, now TNA is starting to push some of their own stars more, guys like Crimson and Roode and Austin Aries, but at this point it may be too little too late. All the "big name" signings, guys like Jeff Hardy, RVD, Mr. Anderson, Hogan, Flair, etc did nothing but spike some momentary curiosity, but after seeing the product they had to offer many casual wrestling fans wrote TNA off as a bad WWE or WCW knockoff.

        Personally I don't feel that way, and I'd love for someone to give the E some serious competition, but I don't see TNA ever doing it.

        As for "finding enjoyment" in bashing TNA, maybe some diehard WWE fans might do that; but I think there's a rather large portion of wrestling fans who bash TNA because they can't help but see the promise of what might have been, and how many times TNA continuously shot themselves in the foot to end up where they are now.

        Sorry for the ridiculously long post… :/