Impact Wrestling Rating

This week's Impact Wrestling did a 1.07 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 1,420,000 viewers on Spike TV.

  • You thought wrong.

  • Nostaljack


  • Matt Scott

    They've always posted TNA ratings. Idiot.

  • Joda

    How are you going to rip on this site when you obviously don't come here often?? I have been coming here everyday for about 3 years and they have had the TNA ratings every week!

  • Deep

    No. They post the Raw, Impact, and Smackdown ratings on a weekly basis. They even have an archive of all the ratings posts. Try paying a little more attention.

  • RobUK

    It’s posted every week… As is Raw and Smacksown.

  • Matt

    Honestly, it's not the greatest number but anything over 1.0 is sure to keep Spike tv happy enough.

  • Yanman

    Brooke Hogan = Ratings!!!