Impact Wrestling Rating

This week's Impact Wrestling did a 0.99 cable rating with an average viewership of 1,265,000 viewers on Spike TV.

  • ted

    if dirtsheet writers bash wwe for getting a 2.7 rating up against mnf then what can they say when the "competition" gets a .99 up against football etc.

    • seakc87

      It’s different because TNA was averaging about the same, if not a little less in the ratings during the summer.

      • PFElton

        The McMahononites know that, they just need petty little self esteem boosts and TNA gives them that.

  • ted

    the fact is that internet "smart" fans and dirt sheet writers have much too high expectations for the pro wrestling industry.

    it is not a real sport and will never be able to compete with football on cable tv. however, raw has been one of the top cable shows for nearly 20 years.

    if wwe can get a 3.0 rating during football season for 3 hours of tv, then that is a win for wwe and usa network.

    wwe needs to put the belt on cena again because punk can't draw ratings, only fleas.

    the onlywrestling guy that can have an impact on the numbers in 2012 is dwayne johnson but he will never be a ful time wwe talent ever again and the same goes for brock lesnar, triple h, austin etc.

    • Yanman

      Excellent comment. And yes, you sacrifice a better wrestler and the pipe bombs (CM Punk) which sometimes goes over the heads of the kids for a less interesting, same ol’ format John “Clark Kent” Cena in the name of better ratings. It’s how things are now. Unfortunately we know what side the WWE ownership is going to go with and that’s merch, ratings, and $$$$$. In way I would do the same if I was a corporate worker at WWE HQ but I’m just a lowly fan so it sucks for me (us).