Impact Wrestling Rating And Viewership - Did The Show Rebound From Last Week?

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After Impact Wrestling received its lowest rating last week since October 2012, they bounced back up to get a 0.98 cable rating this week with 1,268,000 viewers on Spike TV.

  • Nostaljack

    From .93 to .98. LOL! I’m sure I’ll get “neg’d” to death on this one but the truth is that .98 is still pathetically bad. It’s not .56 (their very worst when they tried to go live on Mondays) but it’s still awful. This number will continue to be the order of the day until they learn a thing or two about marketing themselves.

    • Monty

      They are on the Wong network and under wrong leadership

      It’s like hogan and bishoff didn’t learn anything from their WCW days, TNA story lines are all of what WWE did few years back so it’s like watching the rerun and not even the good kind

      Soon Vince will buy out TNA and I am hopeful sting ends up for wrestlemania 30 since its my home town

      Wwe has so many part timers who can come back on short term and kill TNA

      • why would Vince buy TNA, they’re not a threat to him at all

  • its another bad rating for tna and i don’t know what they can do to make ratings go up and they have tried almost everything and nothing has worked at all so what do they do now

  • Kris Mystery

    They seem to be quite content with their ratings. Never any panic coming from them. Maybe they are happy with this rating. If they are OK with it and their sponsors are ok with it then all is good.

    • Nostaljack

      They’re content…publicly. Privately, they can’t be happy with any of this.

  • karlos

    Hulk Hogan has tarnished his career along with Eric bischoff. they need an over haul. they need some new with fresh ideas because it is clear that the current format is not working.. go back to the six sided ring and regain Thier identity. I think something is going wrong deep internally with tna and I fear it won’t be too long before they close up the doors