Impact Wrestling Ratings Drops Badly

Last night's Impact Wrestling ratings dropped to a 0.84 television rating. The show only averaged 1,058,000 million viewers.

  • Charles

    Oof! What a kick in the Dixie!

  • xChristenLynnx

    Och! i am really surprised TNA is still around with ratings like this

  • ted

    are there still iwc fans who think that tna can "challenge wwe in this era ? tna needs to know its role and just live of wwe's scraps.

  • Ouch!

  • ted

    it is time for hogan and sting to retire. these guys are draining tna's budget? the 1990's were 20 years ago, and you stil have hogan and sting acting like the attitude era is still around.

  • AnacondaVise

    I bet this is CM Punks fault.

  • Bishop

    Thursday Night Football

  • MonsterMike42

    I didn't watch last night because I was watching my St. Louis Rams take on the Arizona Cardinals. Usually, I watch RAW or Impact, but if one of my two favorite teams, Rams or Steelers, are playing, I'm going to watch the game.

    • Drbobkelso

      How about those Rams?!

    • Goo Goo Bean

      lol at liking 2 nfl teams! haha lame

      • Brandon Ceielo

        Dude, I love Ravens and Steelers. I like Redskins and Giants, and will watch Packers and a crap load of other teams. How the crap is it lame? Being a fanboy is lame.

  • Mike Gilreath

    Sad….they ruin so many chances….they had no matches and the aces and 8’s went from being clever to horrible in record time!
    Booking al snow? Really? And how does bully ray have so much stroke? Do people know bully is one of the head writers? Not hogan and sting…they are just following the script now days….TNA had a chance but may be gone in 2013

  • Adam

    I love wwe and tna both might not be as good as they used to be but it is still wrestling which i enjoy as my guilty pleasure even at the age of 28

  • TheJoker

    Wwe’s ratings been dropping lately too but that’s to be expected when going head to head with football. Also who would hurt more by bad ratings, the big brand with the major commercial buys or the one with hardly any good buys. Either way ill watch tna till it is no more cause I like it way better than wwe now a days

    • Mario

      Yep ! I agree they definitely , in my opinion , have had better matches in the last year . A nice mixture of legends , up-comming wrestlers and promising rookies have brought in a pretty decent show . I`ll admit that a few of their `soap opera` segments have sucked but I still don`t understand these low ratings. Hogan and especially his daughther were a bit too much and Sting at 52 years old should`nt get involved in confrontations anymore , I`ll admit ( although this might be his last fight after his HOF introduction) . But I still don`t get it , cause they definitely have the potential to be a nice alternative for wrestling fans ! After all , even with the NFL games , who can`t tape a show this day `n age ?

      • Mario

        One word I should`ve said differently : `alternative` cause what I meant was another interesting wrestling show to watch.

    • O'Shea

      Even though raw's rating dropped badly (2.5) i would rather watch a 2.5 raw than a 0.84 impact.

      2.5 vs 0.84

      Advantage:WWE because i would rather watch pbs than sit through 2 hrs of wrestling from 1998.

  • Satan

    TNA is going extinct one day

  • dana

    me too i love tna i wachted last night

  • Robert

    It's no wonder the rateiings are droping Lilian is the best thing you got going and it seams like you go out of your way not to show her. For christ sake show more of her!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    What the Hell?! I thought TNA was finally making a move, breaking a 1.0 recently. What happened?