Impact Wrestling Rating

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Last week's Impact Wrestling did a 1.16 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 1,430,000 viewers on Spike TV.

  • Chris Storm

    That's horrible. But deserved.

  • HPK

    At Least it is above 1.0 !!!

  • HPK

    and it's not a PG show !!!

    • WNW Fan

      What difference does that make? If it was because "it's not a PG show" as you put it, then why does WWE get a 3.0 and higher ratings "with" a PG show every week? Why can't people let the PG thing go? The 80's were PG and the fans ate it up. Really sad that fans got spoiled with the attitude era and can't let it go. I think wrestling is better without the junk from the attitude era. I did like some of the attitude era but I don't live in the past. Just my opinion.

      • Alex

        I do agree with almost everything you said. However while I don't blame the PG for hurting wrestling today, I blame poor writing & booking, I don't think the Cena/Orton era of today is better than the attitude era or even the Hogan/Savage era of the 80's. Once again not cause of the rating but just cause of poor management on both companies part.

  • Alex

    It's really sad that the TNA rating has been so inconsistent in the past two years. This means for the most part they can't get the majority of their fans to watch two weeks in a row. Even ROH with its small tv following can get the majority of its fans to watch two weeks in a row.

  • Yanni

    Its very simple… They-need-to-travel-weekly. If funds is an issue, don’t expect anything different or any improvements. Watching at home, I get sick and tired of seeing the same ol’ fans ringside, actually embrassing. I DVR the show and skip through 85-90% of the garbage and still usually dissapointed with the main event. Create money and travel, that’s the ONLY way.