Impact Wrestling Rating & Viewership For The First Episode Of 2013

This week's Impact Wrestling did a 1.14 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 1,620,000 viewers on Spike TV.

  • PFElton

    If TNA just get's back to 1.4 they'll be within a point of RAW. 😛

  • Wwe4L76

    Why do people chose Wwe before TNA?…

    I really dont understand that 🙁 I watch Wwe and TNA (done it for a long time). I think Wwe is no fun at all…

    • British bulldog

      I think a fact is more children watch wrestling than adults, and lets be honest, TNA isn’t really aimed at kids, whereas WWE is for kids.

      Wrestling is like the global economy, boom and bust. And wrestling is in a recession at the moment (low ratings, perception of wrestling etc), but it will boom again and ratings of both shows will sky!!

      • Jannez

        Agree with you both
        Been watching WWE and TNA.
        As I am 37, I love to watch TNA, but it's kids who watch WWE.
        Just all marketing! WWE is PG rated and aimed at kids alone in my opinion.
        If WWE loses it's PG ratings and show some hardcore or first blood matches, ratings will probably drop.
        And if TNA would market more and adjust it's wrestling to younger kids, rating probably will rise.
        Easy as that.

        For me personal, I just love watching TNA, but hey, that's me..

  • Robert

    What I don't understand is WWE has one of the most talented ring announcers in the buisness and they very seldom ever show her. TNA does a good job of showing their ring announcer but WWE does not. Lilian Garcia is one of the most popular divas in the buisness but they never show her. Come on WWE use your head.

    • Jannez

      it's all about the kids..
      PG a hot chick and no more PG raings..

      Kirtsy hemmy looks a lot hotter than Lilian Garcia…but … ah well… never could take a good look at Lilian, cause WWE doesn't show her..