Impact Wrestling Rating & Viewership - Goes Up Against Stiff Competition

Impact Wrestling had a tough time yesterday, Thursday June, 20th. The show ended up getting a 0.86 cable rating with about 1,083,000 viewers.

Obviously it is down from last week's show, but Impact went up against game 7 of NBA's Spurs vs. Heat which scored around 22 million viewers.

  • DirtySouthYankee91

    Who cares,TNA IMPACT Sucks,WWE RULES.

    • Ny

      WWF sucks. There is no real wrestling there. Stop drinking Vince’s kool aid.

      • DirtySouthYankee91

        No it doesn’t,TNA IMPACT is nothing but a wanna WWE,Picking Up Former Superstars.&.Divas from the WWE Scrap Heap.

        • Hercules Rockerfeller

          Interesting but lets see, who from wwe is there? Kurt, Hardy, Bully, and Anderson. (Keep in mind I’m citing names that matter!) then the TNA landscape we have Sting, AJ Styles, Bad influence Kaz and Daniels, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, , yep lots of wwe guys there taking the spots from the few TNA guys…*roll eyes*

  • Nostaljack

    TNA has done a worse rating than this with no competition. I actually watched this one (not normally free on Thursday nights and read Kendra’s blog to keep up). After what I saw, I’m not surprised in the least bit, sadly.