Impact Wrestling Results (4/4/13) - Take This Envelope For A "Big" Surprise

Impact Wrestling Results - 4/4/2013
From Jonesboro, Arkansas
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package. It shows Bully Ray turning on Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan to become the President of Aces & 8s. It then goes to the Hulk and Sting situation. Hulk isn't letting Sting go unnoticed. It also shows AJ Styles returning and beating Bad Influence and James Storm. Aces tried to take him in, but he doesn't speak or show any emotion. It shows Jeff Hardy becoming the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. Jeff Hardy picks the stipulation for that match. It is Full Metal Mayhem!

The camera shows the arena in Jonesboro! The crowd is on their feet. They are cheering. Music hits right away and it's Aces & 8s! They come through the crowd. D-Lo Brown leads the group. Devon is next. Then Anderson, Garett, Wes, Doc, and Knux. D-Lo, Anderson and Devon get in the ring. Ken grabs a mic. He tells everyone to listen up. Anderson pulls out a special package. Listen up. He brings up AJ Styles. He says this company turned their back on AJ when he needed them most. He shows the Aces' vest. It is waiting for him. Devon pulls out an envelope. He says it is waiting for Brooke as what is in here will change this relationship! Its D-Lo's turn. He tells everyone to quiet down. He talks about a gift. He says he received a gift. It is a letter. He received it last week from TNA Headquarters. It is his notice for being fired. He didn't get any thanks. He didn't get any calls or text. He doesn't want them to now. He wants to hear why he is getting fired. He doesn't want just a piece of paper. He wants an official to come here and tell him. Music plays and it is Kurt Angle! He comes out on the stage with a mic. He says he is going to tell him how he really feels. He isn't going to talk on social media... he wants to tell him right to his face. Kurt gets in the ring and takes D-Lo up and brings him right down on the mat. He starts attacking him. The TNA roster runs out. Parks, Young, Magnus, and Joe run to the ring. They attack Aces. Aces fight but then leave the ring. Kurt's music hits and both teams yell back and forth.

Brooke Hogan is backstage. Here comes Joey Ryan. Joey knows Brooke is stressed. Maybe he needs a sucker. Brooke says she is still married. Joey said he can help her fulfill her problems. Brooke doesn't like this. Joey says he is already dressed in white and is wearing his zebra thong. Want to see? He starts to unzip but Brooke stops him. He wants to referee the Knockout Match since there isn't a referee anymore. Brooke says this will take some stress off of her and gives him the go. Just don't touch, Joey. Joey knows and walks away with a swag.


Impact Insta-Fact is shown as they are the number 1 wrestling show in Germany for 2 weeks in a row!

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the upcoming stars. Music hits and here comes Gail Kim and Tara. Jesse is with Tara. Gail walks to the ring first as Tara and Jesse slowly walk behind her. After they get in the ring, Velvet Sky, with the Knockout Title, and Taryn Terrell come out and make their way to the ring. Joey Ryan is already in the ring. She checks Tara and Gail's legs for any illegal weapons. He then checks SKy and Taryn. None of them like it. Sky starts to get upset with Joey. Tara attacks Sky from behind as she talks to Joey.

Gail Kim and Tara vs. Velvet Sky and Taryn Terrell

Tara has Sky against the ropes and then whips her. Sky comes back and knocks Tara down with a closeline. Tara gets up and Sky applies a headlock. Joey comes to the air and touches Sky to see if the headlock is correct. Tara tags Gail. Sky gets furious with him. She then tags Taryn. Taryn starts talking to Joey now. Gail tags Tara back in. Tara goes for a roll over but Joey doesn't count. He looks on. Tara goes for another cover, but Joey doesn't count again. Taryn gets up and tags Sky. She gets in and Tara continues the attack. She has Sky down and covers her. Joey goes behind Tara and looks at her behind. She gets up and is furious. Taryn gets in and Gail enters and spears her down. Gail exits and Taryn rolls out. Tara continues the attack. She lifts her up and drops Sky down on her knees. Tara covers but no count. Tara gets her up and puts her in the corner. She applies shoulder blocks. Joey gets in the middle and tries to pull Tara out. Joey then tries to get on Tara, but Jesse gets on the apron and is furious. He takes off his shirt and wants to fight. Sky, from behind, does a roll-up on Tara as she tries to calm Jesse down. Joey doesn't count. Both get up and tag their partners. Taryn takes total control with closelines. She climbs the corner and flies in the air right on Gail. She covers. Nothing. She gets up and Tara pushes her right down. Joey tells her to get out. Sky runs in and pushes Tara out of the ring. She falls and Jesse helps her. Gail gets up and Joey starts flirting with Gail. She gives him a push and he likes it. He takes off his shirt and starts putting oil on himself. He turns around so Gail doesn't see. Taryn comes from behind and does a roll-up. Joey doesn't see. He finally turns around as Gail rolls though and has a roll-up on Taryn. He does a quick 3 count. Winners: Gail Kim and Tara

Jesse, Tara, Gail, and Joey meet on the ramp. Tara has Jesse. Joey tries to celebrate with Gail, but she waves good-bye and quickly leaves. Joey gets back in the ring and tries to win Sky and Taryn over. Taryn goes behind Joey, gets on her knees, and hits a low blow. He falls instantly.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are walking backstage with the TNA Tag Team Titles.


Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. The team of World Champions are on one side and Chavo and Hernandez are on the other. Austin declares that they are the team of World Champions and Roode asks if Chavo and Hernandez were ever World Champions? Both say no. They can't match Aries and Roode. Chavo asks what color of the sky is for them. He is a Chavo. He knows how to get it done. Jeremy starts to read the contract. Aries says that they need to make it interesting. Aries says the contract really isn't set in stone. It can be changed. Chavo thinks Aries is scared. Aries isn't. Roode whispers something into Austin's ear and he laughs. He talks about green M&Ms and more money for the purse. Hernandez starts to whisper something in Chavo's ear. He writes it down. Roode and Aries say that is fine. They can do it. Aries and Roode have another thing. Aries writes it. Chavo says they are fine with it. Chavo says they will take the titles from them. The match between them will be a 2 out of 3 falls match and if Chavo and Hernandez lose, then they can never team in TNA Wrestling again! Roode and Aries sign it. Chavo signs it and Hernandez is reluctant but then signs it as Chavo makes him. Hernandez doesn't like it but he signs. Roode and Aries start to show off the titles right in front of them.

Adam Pearce is backstage. He is waiting for his match later tonight. His match will be Gutcheck! A video plays showcasing him. He will be 35 years old soon. This is his last opportunity. He went for this for 17 years. They have the Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe. He has been in the ring with them before. He will do whatever. He can do whatever. He has 2 kids and a great wife. The door is slightly open and he will tell his soon that he kicked the door wide open!


Magnos is backstage. He is gearing up for his Gutcheck match. A video plays showcasing him. It has him talking his native language Spanish. He has been training for 15 years. He mentions the Guerrero family. He is Magno. He is hear to make an impact.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring to introduce the Gutcheck stars. Adam Pearce comes out first. He has a black cape as he walks to the ramp. After he is in the ring, Magno comes out. He has a black cape as well with his name going down the side.

Adam Pearce vs. Magno in the Gutcheck Challenge

Both move around the ring. Magno does a flip and then they lock-up. Adam takes him down and works on the mat, but Magno gets him up and twists his arm. Adam reverses it and does an twists the arm. Magno is able to get away with an armdrag. Adam gets up. They lock-up again. Magno is able to take Adam down again. Adam is quite surprised. He gets up and they move around. They lock-up and Adam works on the arm again. He knocks Magno down and then puts him in the corner. He whips him in the opposing corner. He runs to him, but Magno kicks him in the face. Magno runs out as Adam backs up. He does a back body drop. He covers Magno but he kicks out. Both get up. Adam whips him in the corner, but Magno jumps on the corner. Adam runs to him and Magno is caught and falls on the back of his head. He gets up though. Adam turns and he knocks Adam down. He jumps on the top rope and twirls around. He lands right on his head while landing on the chest of Magno. He covers but Adam kicks out. Both get up. Magno goes for a tornado DDT, but Adam switches it to a spinebuster. Both get up. Adam whips him in the ropes, but Magno flips around over it. He lands on the apron. He jumps over it and does a hurricanrona. Both get up and he closelines Adam out. Magno climbs the corner and does a huge moonsault to the outside. Magno gets him up and rolls him in the ring. Magno gets in the ring and does a taunt. Adam grabs him from behind and does a roll-up. He uses the ropes and the referee counts to three. Adam quickly leaves the ring and celebrates while Magno can't understand what happened. Winner: Adam Pearce

A video plays from last week with the Sting and Hulk Hogan confrontation in the ring. Hulk didn't want to deal with Sting and told him to get out of the ring. Sting told Hulk to make him. It started to get heated but guards pushed them away.


AJ Styles is walking backstage. Mr. Anderson, Knux, and Doc meet up with him. Ken stops him and asks him how he is doing. He sees that he has some difficulty in his life, but they want to help. He says Aces had this made for him. He hands AJ the vest and tells him to try it on. It will look good on him. Aces leave. AJ looks at the vest and walks slowly.

A video package plays showing the whole Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Bully Ray story. Sting always had Bully's back. Hulk didn't believe it. Hulk finally caved in and went with Bully. He trusted him. He believed in Sting. Well, Bully turns and joins Aces and takes the TNA World Title with him. Hulk can't believe it. He can't trust Sting anymore. Aces took over the company and Sting helped with it.

The video ends and the camera is backstage with Hulk. He asks Hulk where Sting is. Hulk says Sting is not in the building tonight as he doesn't know where he stands. They need warriors right now as they are in a war. He is going to call out a lawyer and see where Sting stands.


Kurt Angle is warming up backstage. Joseph Parks comes through the doorway. He knocks on the side of the doorway and he enters. He tells Kurt that he watched him in the '96 Olympics and he is an inspiration. Parks says he will do whatever it takes tonight in the 10 man tag team match. Kurt tells Parks that he is green but if he sees something, go for it. It doesn't mean he can't attack. Parks thanks him and leaves. Kurt continues to warm-up.

Music hits and here comes Hulk Hogan! Hulk walks down the ramp as the crowd is on their feet. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Some fans cheer and some fans point their thumb down on him. Hulk says he made past mistakes, but he won't be making those mistakes again. He will be making decisions based on his gut. He is depending on his gut. With Aces taking over TNA, there is one person that is in Hulk's gut. He needs to call this person out. It's AJ Styles! AJ's music plays and AJ comes out through the curtain. He stands on the stage and then continues down the ramp. He has the Aces' vest in his hand. AJ gets in the ring and meets Hulk in the ring. AJ takes off his hood. He still has a baseball cap on. Hulk asks if he made a mistake and AJ is going with Aces because the vest is in his hand. It will be a cut to Hogan. Hogan knows how AJ feels. He went through the same thing. He understands the accusations and the whole family mess. Hogan then made the decision about not getting a title shot. TNA is AJ's family. He has been here since the start. He can't go against his family. TNA needs AJ. He can't do down the wrong path. Hulk says they need the dangerous AJ. He is asking AJ, man to man, that they need the danger AJ Styles. AJ looks down at the Aces' vest. The crowd chants, "AJ, AJ." He asks if Hulk wants AJ's help. Hulk says yes. Well, "Sorry about your man luck." James Storm comes out and marches right in the ring. He goes right against AJ. He then grabs a mic. He tells Hulk that he remembers the stipulation. James remembers how the person can't fight for the TNA World Title till Bound for Glory 2013 and he remembers pinning AJ. He understands that. It's business, but he doesn't understand how AJ leaves while Aces attacked Storm. They been there since the beginning. Their backs built this company. Every show... every mile... James has been on the same shows and driven the same miles. Every time they clock in... they get in this ring and wrestle... because that is what they love to do. From the Asylum in Nashville to Jonesboro... they built this. Now AJ wants to join Aces? Go ahead. James tells AJ that he is not the same guy. He is not the same guy that these people cheered for. All he has to say is that he better clock out before he gets knocked out. James takes off his glasses and AJ gets right in the face of Storm. Both drop their mics. AJ turns and gets out of the ring. He starts fumbling with the Aces' vest as he walks up the ramp.


A video plays that was filmed during the commercial break. The camera man meets Hulk. Hulk says he is finished sucking up to AJ. He better give him an answer next week. It is either he is with TNA or he is done.

A video playing hyping One Night Only PPV that will be airing tomorrow night. Make sure you check our local listings.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the upcoming stars. Sonjay Dutt's music plays and he comes right out. As he does, video plays from two weeks ago in his return match on Impact. After him, Mason Andrews makes his way out. He has some swag as he comes to the ring. Video plays showing his moves from past Impact matches. After him, Petey Williams comes out. As he does, video plays showcasing his best moves.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Mason Andrews vs. Petey Williams in a #1 Contender's Match for the X-Division Title

Both meet in the middle of the ring. Mason starts hitting each star with his finger as he tells them what is up. Petey pushes him and Sonjay goes right after Mason. He goes for a cover but Petey comes and goes for a cover. Mason goes for another one and they go back and forth with roll-ups. All stand on their feet and Mason leaves the ring. Sonjay goes right after Petey for a cover but Williams kicks out. Both get up and Sonjay goes right after Petey, but Petey trips Sonjay and he lands on the middle rope. Petey runs and does a dropkick to his back to choke him. Petey gets up and goes the opposite direction and does a suicide dive on Mason. Petey taunts but Sonjay meets him and knocks him down. Sonjay brings Petey in and continues the attack. Mason enters and takes Sonjay out of the picture. Mason meets Petey in the corner and does shoulder blocks and hits him with his elbow. He does a snapmare and climbs the corner. He does an elbow strike to his back. He covers but Petey kicks out. Mason gets up and Sonjay gets on the apron. He jumps over the ring and over Mason. He goes right after Petey. Williams gets out of the ring. Sonjay goes after Mason now. Petey gets back in and Sonjay takes both men out with a move. Petey gets out of the ring again. Sonjay places Mason on the middle rope, jumps over and does a leg drop. He brings him in and covers him. Mason kicks out. Petey gets in. Sonjay has Mason but Sonjay kicks Petey in the gut. Petey comes back and knocks Sonjay down and tosses Mason out of the ring. Petey goes to Sonjay and knocks him down. He then sets up the Canadian Destroyer, but Sonjay twists out of it. He brings Petey to the corner. He lifts him up and then climbs. Sonjay slips. Mason runs and does a hurricanrona to Petey on the top. Sonjay gets up and does a flip reverse DDT on Mason. He climbs the corner and goes for the moonsault, but Mason moves. Sonjay rolls back. He gets up. Petey grabs him and hits the Canadian Destroyer. He gets the pin. Winner: Petey Williams

Aces & 8s are in their clubhouse. Bully tells him that they are his buddies but Ray is not happy. It isn't them. It's Kurt Angle and his buddies. No one rips on Aces' parade. All of them are going to get them in the 10 man tag match. Each of them will tear them apart. They are going to take their souls. Aces get wild. Devon asks Ray, seriously, if he is ready to meet Brooke. Ray says he actually misses her. Aww. They start talking about tag team but Ray says doesn't even know if she is in the tag team division. He will go out there, hand her the envelope and they can all move forward.


A video package plays hyping the TNA World Title Match next week. Can he get the title back? He will do whatever it takes.

Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley, and Taz give the line-up for next week's Impact Wrestling.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. Aces & 8s music plays and here comes the faction. Devon leads the group through the crowd. Wes, Doc, Knux, and Garett follow. They get in the ring. Kurt Angle's music plays and his team comes out. He, Magnus, Young, Joe, and Parks get in the ring and Aces get out.

Aces & 8s (Devon, Knux, Doc, Garett Bischoff, and Wes Brisco) vs. Kurt Angle, Joseph Parks, Eric Young, Magnus, and Samoa Joe

Kurt starts the match while Aces is the apron. Kurt walks over and flips Wes over the ropes. Wes crawls back to the corner. Kurt attacks him with kicks and chokes him with his throat. Kurt gets him up and does a snap suplex. He covers but Wes kicks out. Kurt gets him up, but Wes pokes him in the eyes and Wes tags Garett. He enters but Kurt does a hiptoss. Bischoff gets up and Kurt kicks him and pushes him in the corner. He knees him in the gut and then chokes him with his knee as Garett slides down the corner. Kurt brings him out and tags Magnus. Magnus whips Bischoff in the ropes. Bischoff jumps to him but Magnus grabs him and does a huge suplex. He gets Bischoff up and tags Joe. They double whip him in the corner. Joe gives him an atomic drop. Magnus runs and gives him a big boot. Joe jumps and lands right on him back first. Joe gets Garett up but Bischoff pokes Joe's eyes and he tags Devon. Devon enters and Joe attacks Devon with punches and then whips him in the corner. Joe runs into him and then hits the enzuigiri. He has him down and chops the chest and back and then kicks both sides of his body. He covers but Devon kicks out. Devon gets up and pokes the eyes of Joe. Devon tags Knux. Knux enters and goes after Joe. He whips Joe in the ropes but Joe comes back with a running knee lift. He knocks Knux down. Joe gets up and tags Eric. Joe holds Knux up and Young climbs the corner and jumps. He drops his elbow to Knux. Knux falls. Young goes after him, but he gets up and fights back. He knees Young and then whips him in the ropes. Young holds onto the ropes though. Knux runs to him, but Eric holds the ropes down and Knux falls over it. Knux stands on the outside. Young flies in the air and takes Knux down on the outside. Young gets Knux back up to continue the attack.


Young continues to go after Knux. He takes him to the corner, but Knux grabs Young and bashes his head in the corner. He whips him in the opposing corner. He hits him on the turnbuckle again and then lifts him over the ropes. Young falls on the outside hard. Knux goes to the outside to get him. Before he brings him in, Devon attacks him. Knux gets in with Young. He tags Doc. Doc puts him in the corner and does multiple punches to the chest. Aces choke Young as the referee turns to Team TNA. Doc brings Young out and takes him down on the mat. He covers but Young kicks out. Doc does a headlock and then tags Devon. Devon puts Young in the corner. He does multiple shots. He takes him down with a snapmare and applies a headlock. Young feels the crowd and gets up. He elbows his way out of it. He runs into the ropes. Devon jumps and elbows him down. Devon flip flops and gets up with a Spin-a-roni. He tags Doc. He gets in but Young fights back. He does a chinlock. Eric tries to reach for his group but Knux enters and knocks down Team TNA. Young and Doc get up. Doc tries to attack, but Young kicks him. Doc grabs the foot but Young does an enzuigiri. Parks is on the apron. Young sees him. He goes and tags! Parks enters and knocks Doc down. Doc goes after all of Aces though. Parks has Wes down in the middle of the ring. He jumps and lands with a big splash. He covers but Aces enter. Team TNA comes in and it's a brawl. Wes is sent out. Kurt has Doc on the outside. Joe takes the stars out. Devon is behind Joe though. Joe turns and Devon whips him in the ropes. Joe ducks and goes for a suicide dive on Doc and other members. Devon and Parks are in the ring. Devon knocks Parks down and then climbs the corner. He jumps but Parks moves. Parks waits in the corner. Wes and Garett enter. They run to Parks but he closelines them down. Parks goes for the finish, but Doc enters and does a low blow. He covers. The referee gets back in the ring and covers. He gets the pin. Winners: Aces & 8s

Hullk and Brooke are backstage. Hulk says he wants to protect her. She knows but she wants to get this over with. Hogan will have guards by her side. Brooke says Ray probably has divorce papers. She will sign it and they will be over. It will all be over then.


A video package plays showcasing the relationship between Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan. They were in love. Ray wanted Brooke to marry him. She deserves to be happy. Hogan finally caved in and sent Brooke to Bully. Here is the #1 Contender... Bully Ray. He battles Jeff Hardy and reveals himself as the Aces & 8s President. Ray fooled Brooke and Hulk. He fooled everyone! Brooke hates him!

Aces & 8s music hits and Bully Ray walks through the fans. He starts going after the fans. A guy touches him and he starts to freak out. He meets with Taz and talks about the guy and then the envelope. Ray gets in the ring and raises the TNA World Title that he has in his hand. The fans boo him. He grabs a mic and yells to shut his music off. In 7 days, the biggest World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship will happen in 7 days! Ray vs. Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem! Jeff has to be the stupidest person on this planet. Why would he want a match that involves tables, ladders, and chairs against Bully? Oh my! That is next week though. He needs to take care of some personal business tonight. He wants his beautiful wife to come out. Brooke's music plays. Two guards come out behind her. They walk in the ring. They let her in the ring by holding the ropes. Brooke gets in and stands in front of Bully. He calls her honey and asks how she is. He then asks where her wedding ring is. He has his on. That is the sign for the love and devotion. Ray tells her that he gives her a pass for this week, but do what Ray says and wear it next week. He then asks about the guards. Why are they here? They aren't there for him. They are there for her as she was crazy after Lockdown. She screamed and kicked. She knocked things over. She should have been happy that night. Her husband became TNA World Champion! She should have been kissing and hugging him. She should have been a good wife, but she is a crazy woman. He forgives her though. Ray asks if she knows what is inside this envelope. She hopes it is divorce papers. Divorce papers? Ray says Brooke is the wings that let him fly. She is the woman that makes him great. He couldn't have done it without her. Bully hands her the envelope. She opens it and has a ticket. She asks what it is. Ray says it is a ticket for Corpus Christi. Front row. He wants her to sit in the front row and watch him beat Jeff for the second time. He wants her to look good for the event because, lately, she has let herself go. Her eyes bulge and she slaps him.

Ray starts to laugh. He can't help but laugh. Ray calls her pathetic. Ray has been inside her head since day 1 and she can't get him out. Does she want to smack him again? Just then, music hits and here comes Jeff Hardy! Ray yells at Brooke to get out of his ring. She does. Jeff runs in and they fight. Jeff attacks him but Ray fights back with punches and kicks. He kicks the leg of Jeff and Hardy falls. Hardy gets up and starts fighting back. Jeff has Ray in the corner and starts punching his head in. Ray starts to punch back. The show fades.

  • Hey everyone!

    • Alex, can you pm me on FB your email, so I can send some pics your way?

      • Sure thing. Just sent it over.

        • I’m sending all of Jesse’s photos so he can send them to you, so I’ll be a bit quiet, but I’m here.

          • Great, Kendra. You are here in spirit, haha.

  • Jimmy

    Is today the day they’ll have AJ Styles vs Austin Aries?

    • Nope. There hasn’t been any talk of AJ vs. AA.

      • Jimmy

        I thought Richard posted an articles awhile back saying it would happen on Wrestlemania weekend?

        • That is a live show in Jersey this weekend. I see what you were talking about.

    • Boy, would that be a sweet match to see. Isn’t it Aries vs. Joe at their One Night Only PPV this Friday?

  • Lol! They didn’t show this backstage segment to the crowd. In fact, they didn’t show us any backstage segments for the second taping.

    • How long did did it take to tape the second show?

    • snoopy

      That’s because they tried to get you out of there and not have you sit there for four hours, you should understand and appreciate that.

      • I would have preferred to sit there and get the full story than to have missed some of the set-ups that made what they were taping make sense.

        • snoopy

          How many felt like you did, based on the two shows they were burnt out during the second taping. The second taping was no different than a House show.

          • If you had read my other comments, you would have seen that they had killed the crowd with a 10 minute contract signing. After that, it took something amazing or JB trying to hand out Backstage Passes to get the crowd re-energized,

  • The Breaker

    TNA fired D’Lo?! The outright nerve of those people!!! 😛

    • But Dixie did that a couple weeks ago on Twitter. No clue why they have to do it again!

      • It was that he received his papers. You can’t legally be fired on twitter.

      • The Breaker

        Us wrestling fans just have to have things repeated to us multiple times over, to make sure we know what’s going on.

      • Chris

        Must be a TNA thing. Either they REALLY want you to believe it, or they think their audience is just morons.

    • I know! It’s not like he betrayed the… oh wait…

  • They were trying to avoid showing my side during this match, as this is when the woman had a seizure.

  • I didn’t see her use the tights live, but it was a nice touch.

  • The Breaker

    I don’t see why they felt the need to put Joey Ryan in the way of what could have been a pretty good match.

    • It was to make Gail get a dirty win and extend her feud with Taryn.

      • The Breaker

        Guess so.. but she could’ve cheated on her own like she normally does. And being a fan of Ryan, I’d rather see him used in a different way.

  • I am a fan of Joey Ryan and he was great in that match. I wanted to watch more than write it… just never know what he would do next. Good stuff but boy that was all over the place!

    • I have to disagree!

      He was great in the role, but at the detriment to the four women working their butts off in the ring. It was a slap to the face of all four of those women working so hard out there.

      • I’ll agree with KB here, but I will say that it was a bit rough watching live.

      • I completely understand Kendra and I would have to agree with that, if that makes sense. I like Joey but I see why it is a slap in the face to the Knockouts.

      • snoopy

        They’re telling a story kendra, It’s probably setting up the introduction of a new female Knockout ref.

  • Here comes the segment that killed a hot crowd from last week’s live Impact!

  • This segment is heavily edited!

  • The Breaker

    Very clunky segment.

  • There was about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes of AA insulting Chavo and Hernandez edited out, and it was better than the contract signing itself. They also obviously edited out their entrances.

  • TNA has a lot going for them show wise but they are really rushing it tonight. It is only a half hour in and I feel like there is so much being juggled.

    • Yeah, and the way they have edited it together is asinine. I thought that it was a well ran show in the tapings.

    • The flow of the show is really off. We should ask Jesse if they still have a lot to cram in.

      • They do. I bet they cut at least 5 minutes from the 10 Man Tag.

  • That point was at me! I was chanting Scrap Iron as he came out!

  • 2 botches back-to-back! I thought he was hurt after the second one.

  • The Breaker

    Magno was pretty off during that match. A couple of obvious botches came in quick succession.

    Also, why did Pearce use the ropes if he’s trying to impress the judges? Makes no sense.

    • I completely agree! I was expecting something unique out of him. He is just another Sin Cara.

      • He had a huge botch,and another almost big botch. Not at all impressed.

    • Yeah, it looked bad in person. Magno was very rough to watch in person.
      Pierce wanted to show that he would do whatever it took for a contract, even cheating.

      • The Breaker

        That logic really only makes sense if he’s being judged by Tazz. I can’t see Snow or Prichard saying, “The way you broke the rules shows you have what it takes to be a real star! Welcome aboard.” lol

        • Not entirely, as Snow has commented on people cheating to win in GC before.

  • Now this is one of the segments they should have shown the live crowd, as we had no idea when AJ got the cut.

  • This upcoming segment with HH is one of the most artificially boosted pops you will hear. They had JB out giving out backstage passes throughout the night to the “Loudest” fans, but he really pushed it here.

  • Yes! Saw my Hogan = Mark sign!

  • God, they cut AA, but left HH’s poor promo intact?

  • They cut the end of this segment, as HH announced Styles vs. Storm for next week in the ring.

  • The Breaker

    At least Storm did a decent job of trying to save that segment.

    • Storm was the only reason it worked at all. Before he came out, people were going to the bathroom.

  • Real

    Aj styles = sting. James storm = lex luger. Aces and eights = N.W.O. wcw 98=TNA 2013

    • I can see where people can see similarities, however, I think that this is it’s own entity and should be judged as such.

    • wcw 1996

    • Chris

      My thoughts exactly.

  • What do you think of AJ’s character? Do you like it?

    • I think it is going well. But he needs to speak soon, as AJ has always had a passion in his promos that so few have.

      • The Breaker

        Agreed. I don’t see them dragging out his silent treatment much longer.

    • The Breaker

      Still too early to have a verdict. They have an opportunity to do something interesting with it though. Let’s see if they pull it off.

    • Real

      Aj is the new sting

    • Jimmy

      Not really digging the new look, The clean shaved spiked hair AJ was good and nothing wrong with it.

    • aj =sting james storn = lex lugar aces and eights= NWO TNA= wcw 1996

  • The Breaker

    Good talent in the ring here.

    • The pop was a bit muted across tv, but was huge in person!

  • That’s my section that keeps chanting Petey.

  • The Breaker

    The Canadian Destroyer is such a cool move.

    • Honestly, it is probably the best move in wrestling!

      • Miles Wisker

        Wait did they do one on impact?

        • Petey Williams is back, and yes he did do the Canadian Destroyer!

  • The Breaker

    Wonder what’s in the mysterious envelope!

    • I know!

      • The Breaker

        Keep quiet! Haha.

        • It… is… a… picture… of… you in a provocative pose!!!

          • The Breaker

            That’s the way a nightmare of mine would end. lol

          • I’ve been in your head Breaker! From day 1 I’ve been in you… (Alex’s Music hits)

          • The Breaker

            *Won’t be sleeping tonight*

  • Looks like we are finally getting the X-Division we always wanted….

    • The Breaker

      They’re doing -something- with it now, which is a start.. but I don’t see it reaching the heights it once occupied under the current rules.

      • I disagree, as there aren’t too many men on the roster that are over the weight limit. I still don’t like the idea that all of the matches are Triple Threat, but it does give the Division something unique to it.

        • The Breaker

          It is unique, but the three-way rule sorta turns the whole division into a spotfest. The X-Division shouldn’t be pigeonholed like that.

          • Oh, I agree that it shouldn’t become a spotfest! That’s why I don’t like the idea of the Triple Threat being the only way the matches are contended. Maybe throw in some 4-Ways, as you can still get some good matches that have a technical showcase.

      • the weight limit rules is so stupid to

    • I think we are getting it back to where it was before HH and EB came in and de-emphasized the Division. And it is about time!

      • no not even close and its stupid every sing x=division match has to be a triple threat match

        • I didn’t say it was there yet, as they will need to remove the restrictions on the Division to fully return it to its former glory, but it is going in the right direction.

    • That X Division Match was beautiful! I was impressed with how Mason Andrews worked with Dutt and Williams. I watched awe, and I really think that there’s hope. Bringing Williams back was one of the smarted things TNA has done – other than going on the road – in the past year.

    • i am getting sick of the triple threat matches all ready

  • They cut a good 6 minutes of this match with that break!

  • One thing, if you didn’t notice it, the ref counted a pin for Joseph on Wes when he wasn’t the legal man.

  • One thing I don’t understand in that 10 man tag match is why did Parks pin Wes before the ending and the referee counted it? The small things really bug me.

  • The ticket was from our venue!

  • And they cut the best part of this! Hardy put Bully through a table!

  • The whole envelope story was a bit of a letdown. I thought it was going to be some type of papers where she would be forced to be with him or something. It was just a ticket…

    • Same here. It was worse live, as the ticket was very obviously from the Convo. I was hoping for a pre-nup.

      • That ticket actually looked almost like the ticket that we got for our show in 3 weeks. Then again, I only have one look at it as I type so others can tell better.

        • You could tell it live. They really didn’t even try to hide it.

  • The fact they cut one of the best parts of the tapings here, it really irks me. They cut another 7-10 minutes of Bully and Hardy brawling, bully talking dow to the crowd and Hardy, and Hardy’s comeback and putting Bully through a table off a ladder that Bully and Taz set up.

  • The Breaker

    I just finished watching. The ending was pretty weak for all the teasing they did earlier in the show. And they went to black when there was obviously more to see, which annoyed me.

    • Agreed. There was another 7-10 minutes they cut, and it was high quality programing. TNA dropped the ball here.

  • lbp365

    First class should have been shown by publicly saying our hearts in TNA goes our to Ric Flair and his family, two lets face it this show suck I love TNA but two big shows some way to have been put together doing wrestle mania week end and then there was no one locally or no charity u could hilite that increases the excitment it shoul have been two jr. Wrestle mania basically. Thrid the Brooke divorce angle should have been done at the top of the show Hardy gone mad and maybe even got in AJ’s face should have ended the show. And plesse don’t blow it at slammerversty announce Lou Thez and whoever to b in the Hof.

  • Jimmy

    Why was there no “Alex’s Assumptions” and the end like every other Impact?

    • I been posting some of my thoughts via comments for the Watch Party. If you would like to see the “Alex’s Assumptions” at the end, let me know and I’ll put it in next week.

  • longtimefan

    would someone get rid of HH and eric bishoff, Killed wcw now working on tna. nwo all over again. even the aj styles angle is just like the sting angle back in the day. sting goes away for a while then comes back and won’t talk and both sides want him. its the 90’s all over again. I like tna so please stop with the old stuff and create and push new stars!!!