Impact Wrestling Results (9/8/11) - Jeff Hardy Speaks: All He Can Do Is Ask!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 9/8/2011
From Huntsville, Alabama
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling is on the road again as they are in Huntsville, Alabama! The show kicks off with a video. It starts with Jeff Jarrett talking about Jeff Hardy. Not only Jeff, but other TNA stars talk about Jeff. Jeff has the opportunity to turn his life around. After the video is over, the video focuses on Sting and Kurt Angle from last week. It showed Hogan attacking Sting and then Mr. Anderson coming to the aid of Sting after Immortal beat him down.

The video ends and the camera shows the huge crowd as the lights dim. Mr. Anderson's music hits and here comes the former TNA World Champion! He gets on stage and motions for the mic to come down from the roof. He then continues to walk as he gets in the ring. The crowd is absolutely insane! He has a mic and begins to talk.

He says he has been a man of few words in the past couple of weeks. He just appeared and attacked and assaulted and beat down people....and then he goes home. He then slept like a little a little baby! Anderson says he did sign a deal with the devil....and the devil is Hogan and Bischoff. He said it was a business decision. He then allows the fans to boo at him for what he has done. They boo extremely loud! He then calms them down. He said one member of Immortal.....Bully Ray....caused him to look outside onto Immortal. He then thanks Bully. He then states that he will be annoying Immortal like no other! He is going to start he will go after Mr. Anderson. He says Kurt was to paranoid about Sting, he totally forgot that Mr. Anderson as a rematch. He is cashing that in now. He says he would like it to be a one-on-one match, but he knows it's not going to happen. We know Immortal will get involved. Since Kurt won't be alone tonight, Ken won't be alone tonight! He points to the stage and here comes the joker....the icon....Sting! Sting's music plays as he makes his way down the ramp. The crowd cheers!!!! Sting gets in the ring and begins to talk.

He goes on to talk about Hogan. He said he made him loose the match for the title. He didn't take him out though as Sting is here though. Sting is like a fungus. He just keeps growing and growing and doesn't go away. This week, the network has given Sting the opportunity to call the shots for Anderson vs. Angle. Sting will be the special enforcer this week while Hogan was the enforcer was last week. Sting will keep going after Hogan until he doesn't have anymore power left in this company! "Tah-tah!" His music plays and Sting and Ken shake hands. Both leave the ring as the crowd is wild!


The show returns and Devon and Pope come out on stage as it's a #1 contender's match. Mexican America are guest commentators during this match.

The British Invasion, Brutus Magnus and Douglas Williams, are already at ringside.

The Pope and Devon vs. The British Invasion in a #1 Contender's Match for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Devon starts out against Brutus Magnus. Magnus works on the arm of Devon, but Devon turns it around and throws Magnus in the ropes. He gets knocked down. Devon tags in Pope as he continues to work on Magnus. While he does, Williams enters and he distracts Pope. Pope gets hit with a big boot from Magnus. Magnus tags in Williams and he shortly works on Pope. Williams then tags in Brutas and he works on Pope doing some heavy offensive power moves. He tags in Williams and both are in for some double team action. They whip Pope in the corner as Williams does a big splash. Magnus then jumps from the corner with an elbow drop. Williams covers, but Devon comes in to break the count. Both Williams and Pope are down. Pope slowly gets to and tags Devon as Williams tags in Magnus. Devon gets in and he takes care of Magnus with closelines. Williams comes in and helps Magnus out, but then Pope joins in. Pope goes over the top rope with Williams after Williams did a closeline over the rope. Devon slammed Magnus and got the victory! Winners: The Pope and Devon

Kurt Angle is backstage as he talks about Jeff Hardy. He can't believe that Jeff is coming back. He then talks about his match later tonight as he says he will take out Anderson and Sting!! Some fighter then comes into the camera shot (someone who isn't part of TNA, but Kurt very well knows who he is.) They hug and Kurt leaves with him as he asks how is training is going.


A video plays hyping up No Surrender. Particularly, it talks about the Bound for Glory Series Matches.

The camera is on the ring as Beer Money and Gunner and Bully Ray are in the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the middle as he goes to ask a question, but Bully kicks him out of the ring. He grabs the mic and says he is the man of wrestling. He is the best of the best. He then states he knows tag teams. He says Beer Money is a great of the greatest tag teams the entire world! He then goes to explain the bad news. He says he knows what Beer Money is thinking. They want to win the Bound for Glory Series so bad!!! Bully then states they never talked about it. Tag Teams have two single stars. He says tag teams break up and one becomes huge. He then points to Gunner and says he knows that he will help him (Bully) win the Series. Ray states James and Roode are both selfish. Bully says he doesn't even have to compete in the match tonight, but he will because he knows one of them could get injured. He is Bully Ray, from NYC, and he will be the next World Champion!

Roode then gets on the mic and says the fans really want him to shut up! Roode knows Bully for 6 years. He says Bully is right about one thing. Beer Money will go down as one of the greatest teams, but Roode won't fill his head with anything that Bully said. Beer Money have their eyes set on being the World Champion. Their dream was to be it. Everyone's dream is it. Roode says he and James know that only one will be champion at a time. Only one man will win the series and go after the title. Whoever wins that will be the better man of that night. He then asks Bully who will be the better man.....will it be James or Roode? Bully takes off his hat as he is getting pretty annoyed. Roode says he will make a promise. It doesn't matter if it's Roode or James to win the title, they both will be there to share the celebration and victory. No one and nothing will come between Beer Money! James then gets on the mic and says he couldn't have said it better. He then does their catch phrase.... "Sorry about your damn luck!" Bully and Gunner leave as Beer Money's music hits.


The show comes back and it shows some footage from UFC. The camera then goes to the commentator's desk as the guy who was with Kurt earlier is the guest for this match.

Eric Young's music plays as he comes out as he puts the Television Title on the line.

Eric Young, Champ, vs. Robbie E. for the Television Title

Robbie E. is in the ring as the match starts. They lock-up and Eric takes Robbie down quickly with a flapjack. Robbie gets up and goes to the corner as Eric follows him as he goes to attack, but Robbie turns the match around as he knocks down Eric. He covers, but Eric kicks out. Robbie then gets Young as both are standing and Robbie does a huge backbreaker. He goes to cover as he puts his foot on the ropes. Earl sees his foot and stops counting. Robbie gets Eric up and continues to attack. He knocks Eric down and goes to cover again with his foot on the ropes again. Earl doesn't even go to count. Robbie goes to Earl as Young gets up and takes off his shorts. Robbie turns around and wonders what he is doing. Eric then goes right after Robbie with multiple offensive moves. He knocks Robbie down a couple of times and then finishes him off with a piledriver. Winner and Still Champ: Eric Young

As Eric celebrates in the corner, Rob Terry comes out to the ring. He grabs Eric from behind, lifts him up and does a huge powerbomb in the middle of the ring!


Rob Van Dam is walking backstage. He then gets to a door and opens it. He is right in the face of Jerry Lynn. He tells Jerry that he screwed him. Jerry knows that. He says it has always been about Rob. Rob gets all the contracts. Jerry is fine when someone wants a good match with Rob, but he never got a contract. Jerry had to work in a warehouse doing hard labor. Jerry goes on to talk, but Rob can't take it anymore. He kicks or knees Jerry and then punches him as Jerry falls to the ground. That's what Rob does to screw someone and he walks away.

Velvet Sky is backstage with Mickie James. Sky is looking at the Knockout Title and says she hopes she can have it again. Mickie quickly takes it and says maybe she will. Karen Jarrett then enters the camera shot and insults the locker room of the knockouts. She then insults the dog that Mickie James is holding. She says Mickie will be facing Winter at No Surrender while Velvet Sky better get ready for her match tonight. She then tells Sky to loose some pounds and that is coming from management. So, lay off the cupcakes Sky! Karen leaves.


Jeff Hardy walks through the door backstage as he just arrived in the arena. He will be speaking later in the broadcast!

It's the TNA World Title Match time! Sting's music plays and he comes to the ring first. The crowd cheers again. He goes to the fans at ringside as he waits for the participants to come out. Mr. Anderson's music hits as the lights go out. The huge titan tron gives light and he is on stage. He asks for the mic from the roof. He introduces himself as the challenger....Mr. Anderson......Anderson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He drops the mic and continues his way to the ring. After he is in, Kurt's music plays and here comes the TNA World Champion! The title is around his waist as he walks down the ramp. He stops at the end of the ramp and mouths something to Ken. He continues his way to the ring.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he announces the match.

Kurt Angle, Champion, vs. Mr. Anderson with Special Enforcer Sting for the TNA World Title

The bell rings and they crowd is firing at Kurt. Ken and him soon lock-up and he puts Kurt right into the corner. Ken breaks it and goes back. They walk around and lock-up again. Ken puts a side headlock on. He wrenches it until Kurt slides out and puts a headlock on Ken. Ken pushes him away and knocks Kurt down. Ken runs into the ropes and Kurt catches him with a headlock takeover. Both get up and Kurt is thrown into the ropes. Ken knocks him down with an elbow. Kurt gets up in the corner and Ken goes after him. Kurt tries to come back with a poke to the eyes, but Ken does a twisting neckbreaker and then covers. Kurt kicks out. Both get up and Ken whips Kurt HARD right into the corner. Kurt falls and Ken covers. Both get up and Kurt gets whipped again. Ken runs to him, but Kurt kicks him in the face and then closelines Ken down. He covers, but Ken kicks out. Kurt now has a headlock applied. Ken gets up and elbows his way out of it. He runs into the ropes, but Kurt elbows Ken into the gut. He goes for two covers, but both failed. Kurt does the headlock again. Ken slowly gets to his feet. He elbows his way out again. He throws Kurt into the ropes. Kurt ducks the closeline. Both turn to face each other as both do a closeline and both are down on the mat. The referee counts to 7 as both get up. Both exchange right hands back and forth. Ken then knocks Kurt down with a closeline and then elbow. Kurt goes to the corner. He whips him, but Kurt reverses it. He then does a great belly to belly suplex. He covers, but Ken kicks out. Kurt waits for Ken to get up for the angle slam, but Ken slides out and lifts Kurt up as he rolls him down on the mat. Both get up and while Ken tries to attack Kurt with a closeline, Kurt ducks and hits three german suplexes. He covers, but Ken kicks out at two! Kurt takes down his singlet as he is ready to finish this. He goes for the ankle lock. He has it locked in! Ken tries to reach for the ropes. Suddenly, he rolls through, but Kurt kicks out. Both get up and Ken does a big mic check! He covers. SO CLOSE! Kurt kicked out at the last minute. Sting even thought it was going to be three. Both get up now as they push each other. Arms fly as the referee gets hit. Kurt then hits Ken with an angle slam after low blowing Ken. The referee covers. Sting pulls the referee out. Kurt is furious. Kurt turns around and gets hit with the mic check. Ken covers and the referee comes back in. He goes to count, but Gunner runs in the ring and interferes. All of Immortal enter now as they attack Sting and Mr. Anderson. Kurt gets up and attacks both of them. Immortal members such as Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Gunner, and Abyss help with the beat down. Kurt raises the title high as Immortal members line up in a row.


The show returns and they show a replay of how the Kurt vs. Anderson match ended.

A camera is backstage with all of Immortal. Karen is dancing around. Eric Bischoff states that he has a call he has to take, so he wants the party to be taken away. Immortal members are wild. They leave after they have no choice. Eric then asks if the phone call is a prank one. He then yells, "No.....NO!" He does not have one bit of happiness in his body right now.

The camera goes to the ring as Winter's music plays. She comes out to the ring with Angelina Love. Both walk to the ring as the crowd boos. Mickie James' music plays as Sky walks out with her. Both come in the ring as the crowd pops.

Winter and Anglina Love vs. Mickie James and Winter

Sky starts the match with her former rival, Winter. The bell sounds and Winter goes to lock up, but turns to Love to talk to her. Sky tags in Mickie. Winter turns around and is shocked to see Mickie. She then tags in Love. She enters and locks up with Mickie. She tosses Mickie across the ring. Mickie gets up as she is a bit stunned. Love then grabs her to work on the arm, but Mickie punches Love and then does a hurricanrona. Winter moves out of her corner and Mickie goes after her. Winter jumps down. Mickie turns around and Love kicks her. Love gets her up, but Mickie comes back. She tags Sky. Sky comes in as well as Winter with Love tagging her in. Sky attacks Winter and puts her in the corner. She does a monkey flip. Both get up and Love comes in. Sky does a great move as she rolls both knockouts over. Love exits the ring. Sky runs into the ropes, but Love trips her up. Winter goes after Sky as she takes advantage. She does a bridge type suplex for a cover. Sky kicks out. Love now enters from a tag and she goes after Mickie. Love then goes to Sky as Love tries to get payback, but Earl stops her. Love and Sky go after each other and knock each other down. Both crawl to their corners and tag their partners. Mickie comes in and takes Winter down with a multiple of moves like a closeline and a neckbreaker. Sky now gets in and attacks Love. Winter gets up and pushes Mickie in the corner. MIckie and Sky are whipped. They spin around and attack their opponents. Sky knocks down Love as she follows her out of the ring. Mickie goes after Winter, but Winter SPRAYS a blood type substance right into the face of Mickie. Mickie screams in agony. Winter covers and gets the win. Winners: Winter and Angelina Love

Winter and Love walk up the ramp as Winter got a huge pin heading into No Surrender. Find the updated and final No Surrender Pay-Per-View line-up right here on


Impact Wrestling returns with Austin Aries' music playing. He comes on stage as the crowd boos him. He walks down the ramp and gets into the ring with a mic.

He "Shhhhh-es" the fans. He tells the fans to respect Eric Bischoff's favorite X-Division wrestler and future X-Divison champion. He says he has his sight set on Kendrick. He tells the fans to shut up as the continue to boo. He goes back to talking about Brian as he had help against Aries whether it was with Alex Shelley or other stars. Brian Kendrick's music plays (new music if I may add). He comes down to the ring with the title over his shoulder, but with a briefcase in one hand and a suit over his body. He gets on the mic and says he wants to dress for success. He wants to impress. He is going all out as he even has shoes tonight. He asks the fans if they like this version Kendrick. The fans boo. Brian says he doesn't like it either. He throws the title and briefcase down. He then takes off his coat and tie as he describes what they are about. He then wears shoes because society tells him too. He takes them off. He quotes something from Buddha. Austin says he doesn't know what Brian is talking about. Aries says Brian has something that he has and that is the title that he threw down as he doesn't have any respect for it. Kendrick says it's a materialistic item. Austin continues to speak. Brian tells Aries that he is lucky he is a kind person. Kendrick then hits Austin and goes for slice bread, but Austin slides out of the ring before Brian connected.

The camera changes to Eric backstage. He is sitting on the couch as he is in a depressed mood. Hogan comes in and he is pumped up. He is going wild and crazy. Hogan then says that everything is going the way he and Eric want it. Eric tells him otherwise. He tells Hogan that it's Anderson vs. Sting vs. Kurt for the TNA World Title. Hogan flips out. He throws a stool across the room. He says the network can't do this, but Eric says they did. Hogan repeats it and repeats it. He then says he is going to look at his contract and see as he runs the company and what he says goes. He says they need to fix it before it happens. He and Eric say it can't get any worse.


Jeff Hardy is shown backstage again as he is walking in the hallways. He is coming ever so closer to the ring.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown on camera as they talk about the line-up for No Surrender. Find the final line-up right here at

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the next contest. Immortal's music hits and both Gunner and Bully Ray come out at the same time. Bully and Gunner meet as they shake hands. They walk to the ring together as the crowd boos. Beer Money's music plays and James Storm and Bobby Roode come on stage at the same time. They walk down the ramp together. They enter the ring. They meet face to face with Gunner and Bully. They back up.

Bully Ray vs. Gunner vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in a Four Corner's Match

The bell rings and Samoa Joe comes down the ramp. He is about to get in the ring, but Matt Morgan runs out and attacks Joe from behind. He continues to attack as Immortal go after Money. Immortal is in control as Gunner is after James in the corner and Bully is stomping on Roode. James comes out of the corner and goes after Gunner. He knocks him down with a closeline, but Bully comes and knocks down James with a closeline. James goes to the corner and Bully punches him. Roode comes to and goes after Bully as James helps. Beer Money stand tall, but Gunner goes after Roode while Bully helps. Gunner pins Roode, but he kicks out. Bully says that he is suppose to win. Bully now directs the traffic as he tells Gunner what to do. Bully goes after Roode with a huge closeline. Gunner gets him up and attacks him in the corner. James goes to the top rope and jumps right on Bully. James goes after Gunner and knocks him down. James covers Bully, but he kicks out. Now while he takes a break, Roode gets up and does a huge spine buster to Gunner. Bully breaks it. Roode tosses Bully out of the ring as James gets up. Beer Money do a double suplex on Gunner. They get the crowd crazy as they do their "Beer Money" chant. They both turn around and Bully does a double closeline. He then lifts James up and slams him down on his head, back, and neck. Roode then does a Bubba Bomb on Roode. Bully gets up while Gunner, out of nowhere, runs and hits Bully right in the head with his running knee. He covers and wins!!! Winner: Gunner

Gunner can't believe he did that. He doesn't show much remorse from it though. He leaves the ring as that's the way the match fell. Bully slowly gets up as he holds his head in pain.

Jeff Hardy is walking backstage as he is coming to the ring next!


The music we haven't heard in months and months plays!!!! Jeff Hardy's music plays and here he comes! The crowd is cheering as he comes down the ramp. He has a very blank face as he seems to be in a serious mood. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He stands there as his music plays. It stops and he looks around. The crowd is now split as you here cheers and boos.

He says he doesn't deserve the cheers, but he thanks the fans. He also thanks the network for allowing him to come out. He said the last time he was in this ring, he was messed up. He had a match against someone he looked up to. He failed miserably. He let himself down and everyone down. He says the doubt was overwhelming. He says there are lots of people in the back that are mad at him. They have the right to be. He states he hit rock bottom at Victory Road. He then has a long pause as he thinks. He looks down and then whips his face. The crowd boos and cheers. He looks around at the fans. He says he can't expect anyone to forgive him. All he can do is ask. He asks for another shot. The crowd chants "One more shot". The last thing he says is, "All I can do is ask". He puts the mic down and then sits on the apron as he looks around at the fans as the show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Kurt Angle- Same as last week
2. Gunner- New from last week
3. Mr. Anderson- New from last week
4. Sting- New from last week
5. Jeff Hardy- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

This week's Impact Wrestling, in my mind, was a very important show. It's not just important because Jeff Hardy returned, but it's also the last show before No Surrender. While it is the last show before the PPV, the show also has to build toward Bound for Glory. The show did just that. The Bound for Glory Series went on for months and I am actually surprised that it's coming to an end. I do have to say that I enjoyed it. Next week's show will truly the road to Bound for Glory as everything will be heating up. As for this week's show, we seen some wrestling and intense segments. There wasn't any match that really stood out, but I would say the best match of the night was Kurt Angle vs. Anderson. (Well of course with Kurt being in it.) The show had quite a few segments from the knockouts to Immortal to hyping up the TNA World Title Match. Segments are a key to improve storylines and hype matches. The show had a little bit of everything. Lastly, we saw the return of Jeff Hardy. I honestly thought we wouldn't see him back in TNA. He is back though. Hearing him speak, I have to say that I am glad he pointed out about the Victory Road PPV. It seems like he knows the mistakes he made. Will it ever happen again? No one will know. I just hope he puts that time of his life in the past and refocuses. If nothing goes wrong, he could be a major factor in the business. No Surrender is this Sunday and I can't wait to watch! Got matches in every division! If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter click here

Weekly Question:

What do you think about Jeff Hardy's return speech?