Impact Wrestling Taping Results (12/29) & (1/05) *Spoilers

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TNA finished taping the December 29th episode of Impact Wrestling and taped the January 5, 2012 episode tonight from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks for sending us full results:

Impact Wrestling (Airing December 29th on Spike TV):

* I missed it but they did a promo with TNA Champion Bobby Roode beating up an old friend of his and Jeff Hardy ended up coming out for the save

* In the third match of the best 3 series Zema Ion beat Anthony Nese in a contract on a pole match to earn an X Division title shot at Genesis.

Impact Wrestling (Airing January 5, 2012 on Spike TV):

* TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim & Madison Rayne defeated Traci Brooks & Mickie James

* Sting comes out and calls Jeff Hardy to the ring. Sting says he has watched Hardy build the bridge of trust back one brick at a time. Sting said it wasn't too long ago that he battled his own demons. He said there is life coming out of Jeff and talks of how fans adore and look up to Jeff Hardy. Sting says he has 100% confidence in him.

Bobby Roode's music hits, and he, Kurt Angle and Bully Ray come to the ring. Roode said he almost threw up for a second. He days that Sting calls himself an authority figure yet comes out and endorses this embarrassment Jeff Hardy. Roode asks why not him, since he is the face of the company right now. He said why not even Kurt Angle, an Olympic gold medalist? He says why not give Bully Ray a title shot. Roode then turns to Hardy and asks what he is going to do.

James Storm's music hits and he and Abyss come out. Storm tells Roode to shut up. Storm calls out Angle for making fun of him, which is fine because he is the one and only James Storm. Storm tells Angle it takes only one Last Call to knock him out. He said he brought one of his friends (Abyss) and he likes to drink beer too. Abyss takes a mic and says that Ray took advantage of him and Ray realizes that he needs him. Abyss doesn't need Immortal anymore. Abyss said all he needs is Ray and he will make him pay at Genesis. Sting says it looks like we have a main event for tonight.

* Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam went to a no contest when Gunner looked to piledrive RVD on the concrete. RVD countered it. He set Gunner up for his leg drop draped over the guardrail, but Gunner moved. He went to piledrive RVD on the floor, but Simon Diamond, D-Lo Brown and Al Snow ran out and stopped him. Gunner then bailed.

* Zema Ion & Jesse Sorensen defeated Austin Aries & Kid Kash when Jesse Sorensen pinned Aries following his finisher. Jesse and Zema had miscommunication throughout the match.

* In the wild card tag team tournament finals, Samoa Joe & Magnus beat AJ Styles & Kazarian. Christopher Daniels came to the ramp and stared at Kazarian. AJ went to tag in Kazarian, but Kazarian ignored it. Joe then hit an enzugiri in the corner on AJ, threw him to the center of the ring, and Magnus hit a diving elbow on AJ for the win.

* In the main event, Jeff Hardy, Abyss & James Storm vs. TNA Champion Bobby Roode, Bully Ray & Kurt Angle went to a no contest. Jeff Hardy went to hit a Swanton on Roode, but Ray shoved him to the ropes. Storm came in and looked to hit The Last Call but Angle stopped him via a low blow and hit Storm with a kick. Abyss came in and looked to hit Angle with a Shock Treatment, but Ray hit Abyss with a chain. Ray threw Abyss over the ropes with the chain around Abyss's neck, Angle locked Storm in the ankle lock, and Roode had Hardy locked in the crossface to end the show.


* Robbie E w/Robbie T defeated Shannon Moore to retain the TV title when Robbie E went to use the title, the referee took the belt from him and Robbie T laid out Moore with a punch setting up the victory for Robbie E.

  • BigMike18

    So in the Wild Card Tag Tournament Abyss/Scott Steiner just had the one match & Samoa Joe/Brutus Magnus had three. Ok not much of a tournament configuration.

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  • Great

    Abyss and Steiner had 2 matches , they beat Rob Terry and Hernandez and they lost to Styles and Kazarian .

  • Fish

    It was a tournament that lasted over 3 shows. Once Abyss and Steiner lost they were out of the tournament. Not to hard to understand how a tournament works. Joe and Magnus won the tournament so they had 3 matches while Abyss and Steiner lost in the semi-finals so they had 2 matches.

  • ivan

    tna is better than wwe any day of the week

  • Bob

    What do you think is going on with Daniels kazarian and aj do u think kazarian has turned heel