Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Orlando, Florida (3/15) *Spoilers*

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TNA wrapped next week's episode of Impact Wrestling and taped the March 15th broadcast last night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Below are full results:

Impact Wrestling (Airing 3/8 on Spike TV):

* Jeff Hardy & Garett Bischoff b. Kurt Angle & Gunner. This had to be taped last night because Hardy was unable to go on Tuesday night due to a bout with food poisoning.

Impact Wrestling (Airing 3/12 on Spike TV):

* Jame Storm calls out Bully Ray and Ray comes out and tells him he'll face Gunner later tonight.

* Crimson b. Samoa Joe

* Mr. Anderson b. Christopher Daniels

* TNA Knockout Women's Champion Gail Kim b. Mickie James

* Garett Bischoff successfully survived a "Beat the Clock" challenge with Kurt Angle

* The show ended with a contract signing between TNA Champion Bobby Roode and Sting for their match at Victory Road. Sting flipped out on Roode, destroying the set and smearing face paint on himself and Roode to end the show.


* Kazarian b. Eric Young

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Seems like the same scrip, all their doing is mad libbing, inserting different names every three weeks….

  • Louis

    The storylines for the next 3weeks r bad, why is RVD is still there when he don’t want to b. The storylines lack common sense. And why u don’t create the TNA American title?

    • Louis

      See you can have Kurt, James, ken, and AJ all fight for it. Just think the gold medalist Kurt Angle, the American cowboy James Storm, the American A-hole Ken Anderson, and the mist phonom

      • Louis

        The most phonomical American AJ Style. These r storylines u missing because u stuck in same style different cast.

  • artemis

    can not Rob Van Dam turn bad for a bit or at lest get an X Divistion shot

    • john

      Or on a show. What happened to Scott Steiner? TNA has a bad problem of just starting different story lines than just letting them go away.

  • rogstab

    What is the point of having Sting go for Roode's belt when they've already advertised Roode vs. Storm at Lockdown? Even if Sting were to win, he would HAVE to lose it back to Roode before the next PPV so everything stays in tact as advertised.

    • axx

      excuse me… the match at Victory Road is non-title match…..