Impact Wrestling Taping Results For Tonight

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Below are full Impact Wrestling taping results for tonight:

Impact Wrestling (Airing tonight on Spike TV):

* "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero & Devon won the #1 to the tag team titles over Ink Inc. & Mexican America after Devon pinned Jesse with a spinebuster.

* Sting comes out and talks how inmates are trying to run the Asylum and calls out Bobby Roode who comes to the ring in a suit. Roode says that time is money and to make it fast. Sting reminds Roode that Roode is not on his (Roode's) time, he is on Sting's time. He tells him how last week he went out of his way to lay out AJ and Hardy with the world title. Roode says Sting should be happy with him for that since he is showing off the world title like a true champion. Sting says for his actions there will be consequences. AJ's music hits and he comes to the ring. Roode comments on how AJ is now having Sting fight his battles for him. Sting says that's not all and Jeff Hardy comes out. Sting signs a triple threat nontitle match for the main event tonight in AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode.

* X-Division Champion Austin Aries comes out for a promo. He says that he calls hinself the Greatest Man That Ever Lived, but even he has exceeded his own expectations. He wanted to revitalize the X division and he is in fact beaten everyone that they have to offer, naming Jesse Sorensen who he beat to retain his title. Some girls screamed and Aries said it's a wrestling contest and not a good looks contest, but if it was a good looks contest, he would have won that too. Aries wants some new blood and Kid Kash comes out. He reminds Aries how he did the work at Turning Point and how Aries walked out on him on their tag match a couple of weeks ago. Aries told Kash that he is still a world champion. Kash retorts with he held that belt before Aries got here and that he was the longest reigning champion Aries lays down the title inbetween them and offers Kash a title match and wants to shake on it. Kash shakes his hand and they both punch each other simultaneously, although Kash's sent Aries out of the ring.

* Mickie James defeated ODB in a Knockout's Street Fight via a spinning kick while ODB was holding a chair. The match went to the backstage area before coming back to ringside. ODB tried to hit Mickie with the chair before Mickie countered with the kick.

* Robbie E w/Robbie T defeated Rob Van Dam to retain the TV title. Eric Young came out during the match carrying a fire extinguisher and Earl Hebner/Robbie T got distracted by him. RVD was about to finish Robbie E but Christopher Daniels ran out, hit RVD with The Angel's Wings and put Robbie E on RVD for the win.

* Backstage they showed the Winter, Angelina Love, Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky washing a car in bikinis. There was a disagreement among Tara and Angelina and all of them proceeded to attack each other. Members of the TNA roster such as Pope, Doug Williams, Jesse Neal, Kid Kash, and others came over to watch and attempt to calm them down Gail Kim showed up and sprayed at them with hoses.

* TNA Champion Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles via pinning Hardy after Jeff Jarrett ran out and knocked Hardy off the top rope when he went for the Swanton Bomb. Jeff Jarrett made his way up the ramp and Sting came out and stopped him. Sting announced that at Final Resolution it will be Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett in an escape only cage matc . The stipulations are if Jarrett wins, Hardy is gone from TNA. If Hardy wins, he is the new #1 contender to the World Title. Karen Jarrett comes out and Sting says that gives him another idea and announces that Karen will be handcuffed at ringside.


* Samoa Joe defeated Douglas Williams via making Douglas tap to a Figure Four Leglock Variation.

  • hurrigame

    The inmates trying to run the Asylum? Really, Sting? REALLY? How original!

  • Louis

    Well I can deal with the use of the Asylum what I can’t deal with after one great show one ok show then u pull out a flat show that maybe a hair better than Smackdown and that’s not saying much cuz it was bad u got a chance for a build up to Lockdown to spoil one of the big 3 (not 4) rumours of Morrison coming it not time for last moment changes take a chance prove u have good storylines, top wrestlers hit Jim cornette where it hurts prove that the second best show is not Smackdown use Rich Flair to get u ESPN he must know someone kick it in hi gear oh and if u need a cut back to get Morrison and his GF let TBD and Daniels go Rvd wants to leave and Daniel well u know………

    • iamjohnnymcb

      what? learn some proper english

  • Chris_Storm

    I want to thank Richard for posting this. It saves me so much time. The only parts I won't FF my DVR through are Kash/Aries, Carwash segment (not so much for bikinis, but should be funny to see them all try and fight without slipping on the suds), and the early part of the main event, before the overbooking begins. How much sense does it make to have Mickey in a street fight with ODB? There is no on screen heat between the two whatsoever, it does nothing at all for Mickey's feud with Gail. Overbooking all over this show, and RVD jobbing to Robby E, just where TNA can keep pretending Jersey Shore matters to the average wrestling fan is just sad. No wonder Rob isn't happy. To be fair though, Rob hasn't been in top physical shape since he debuted, you'd better believe that he would have been if he went back to the Fed. That just shows how seriously big names actually take IW.