Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Orlando, Florida (4/12) *Spoilers*

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TNA taped this week's Impact Wrestling last Tuesday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It took awhile but we finally have full taping results below:

Impact Wrestling (Airing Thursday on Spike TV):

* Gunner b. Mr. Anderson via disqualification when Anderson wouldn't cease his attack on Gunner in the corner.

* This year's Lethal Lockdown match (revealed here) was setup next. Eric Bischoff thought it was 4-on-4 but Hulk Hogan came out and announced it as 5-on-5. Bischoff put himself in the match but found out the final member of Team Garett is Rob Van Dam, not Hogan.

* TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries b. Christopher Daniels

* Bully Ray b. AJ Styles

* The Motorcity Machineguns, Mexican America, Magnus and Samoa Joe were involved in a big brawl.

* Mickie James & Velvet Sky b. Gail Kim & Madison Rayne

* Eric Young & ODB are wed in a steel cage.

* The final segment featured TNA Champion Bobby Roode and James Storm promoting their match at Lockdown.

  • Van

    a wedding inside a steel cage?what about their honeymoon?

    • chris

      that's in a Hell In A Cell (copywright WWE)

      • T-boy

        I was there and it was definitely a steel cage not a HIAC.

        • rogstab

          He was referring to the honeymoon.

    • Jessie Skys

      A cage wedding stinks & sucks!

    • Cec

      This was an Awesome event and i enjoyed it.

  • tna

    your telling me that odb and erics wedding wasn't interrupted wow that must be the first time ever in wrestling …

    • T-boy

      Iwas there and sarita and rosita came out and tried to convince eric young to not marry odb and tried make him take one of them. Ey refused and married ODB.

  • ali

    so is aj now a jobber?!!!
    Really tna? really?

  • T-boy

    This was awesome i was there and it was really good. Jeremy Borash kept the crowd alive the whole time. I got a photo with rvd in the ring after xplosion where Tara beat Winter. It was Amazing. Biggest Heat (In Order) Eric Bischoff, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Gunner, Mexican America, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne Biggest cheers James Storm, AJ Styles, Motercity Machine Guns, Hulk Hogan, Rvd, Austin Aries, Eric Young, ODB, Velvet Sky, Mickie James. It was great. Wedding was so funny.

  • BigMike

    ok so who is in the 5v5 match?