Impact Wrestling Viewership Bombs With New Yearly Low (Updated With Rating)

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This week's episode of Impact Wrestling only did an average viewing audience of 1,104,000 viewers on Spike TV. This is the new low for 2013 and the lowest since October 4, 2012.

The show ended up doing a 0.99 cable rating.

  • Paul

    Aces and eights guys! Time to let it go!

    • Snitch

      Yes yes yes… please go away and keep using the knockouts more too… make me want to watch again… now I fast forward nearly the whole show and can understand what happened without hearing a word….

      • Paul

        I’m the same. I just change the channel whenever I see Aces, Hogan or even Sting. I wanna see old TNA again. The knockouts, Christopher Daniels, AJ and Samoa! No more of this crap!

  • Stoney

    Aces and eights is painful. It’s just a bunch of jobbers, has Beens, and never was’

    • Paul

      I agree and it takes up the entire show nearly! It’s the N.W.O all over again. Milk it till we’ve driven everyone away.

  • Nostaljack

    Wow. No TNA fanboys offering excuses for the bad rating. Color me shocked.

  • Look Out Below

    Are fans finally seeing that TNA is full of BS and pointless angles? No one wants to see 50 year old Sting become number 1 contender and a possible TNA champion again because Hogan and his stooges has no faith in the already established talent on the roster. They clearly have the talent to make the shows worthy of watching but Dixie is blinded by her own ignorance to realize this. They’ll never be taken as a serious competitor to WWE aslong as Hogan gets to push who he deems good enough to. His judgement is backwards and he still believes this is the late 90’s that he’s as good as WWE. I admit WWE has ALOT of problems but not as nearly as TNA. They give this illusion that they’re this family friendly company when they treat alot of their workers like shit. Of course it doesn’t matter as long as Hogan and his idiot daughter get paid for doing nothing except filling up the program with their incompetence. The guy can barely walk to the ring but still thinks he’s of any relevance to the company or even the industry itself. Its’ a shame that certain fans are still buying into his bullshit but are just as ignorant as Dixie is. They have a chance to showcase the talent that is there but choose to take up the weekly shows with the horrendous A&8’s. This is one of the worst factions ever in any promotion. It’s nice to see Bully be champ but come on, it’s alittle tiring seeing how repetitive this has become. Thankfully we didn’t see Joseph Park Stink up the show (atleast this week).

  • cobra

    Let’s see there supposed dominate heel faction Aces and Eights get beat up by a man who’s 54 and another who’s almost 60, the week before. wow i wonder why the ratings dropped?.

    • Paul

      As a viewer would you want to see the Aces and Eights story line improved and continued or scrapped? I personally wanna see it scrapped I think it’s done

  • Chris

    Looks like I’m not the only one who didn’t care this week…

  • The Breaker

    Troubling. Maybe TNA will finally realize that a show dominated by Hogan and Sting doesn’t move the needle?

  • Luke

    Haven’t watched tna in about 3 weeks. Can’t take it anymore

  • I personally feel the loss of ratings are due to Aces & Eights….most are nobodys and never will be’s…the good memnbers they do have are not being used the correct way…plus the woman’s division needs to come full swing(alot of talented…My Favorite is Victoria(aka Tara) and also the lightweight division and the X Title….so many talented Wrestlers on that Roster like AJ Styles,James Storm & Samoa Joe and there getting passed over for Sting.look,i do like him…but winning one match after being gone for a couple of months doesnt make him #1 contender.Personally if your gonna have a veteran become #1 contender…make it Kurt Angle….apparantly Bully Ray has a beef with him and they have been beaing Kurt up for a’s time for Kurt to get Revenge..that would make a better title match than with Sting.But Aces & Eights Bore Me.

    • Paul

      I agree. Furthermore I think it’s great people like yourself support the knockouts. At one time they were regarded as the best in the world and the Bischoff/Hogan regime came in and it was all ruined. Awesome Kong didn’t stand a chance with hogan and bischoff because they don’t think she’s hot enough besides being awesome in the ring.