Impact Wrestling Will Be Going On The Road Permanently

In case you are not watching Impact Wrestling, results can be found here, a video played showing TNA President Dixie Carter. She announced Impact Wrestling will be going on the road permanently. The first show on the road will be March 14, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Watch the announcement here:

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    Looks like they’re about to start an uphill fight…..Vince and WWE are probably laughing…..If TNA somehow gains speed and matches or surpasses WWE it would most likely be from WWE underestimating TNA….all we can do now is sit and watch the events unfold

    • CRRaysHead90

      I don’t think I could have said it any more perfectly.

  • Dangerous Lee

    I hope this helps them gain some ground on WWE. Every true wrestling fan should hope they succeed.

  • I wrote a little bit about this after my results. This is a huge thing for TNA. We think it is easy to just pick up and move where we want, but it’s a lot more difficult. Moving creates a lot more cost that TNA didn’t have to deal with before. It should also create a lot more money for them with bigger audiences, advertisements, and merchandise. TNA may have a great financial backer, but it doesn’t mean they can spend, spend, spend. They have to take a step at a time. This is a huge step. Going live was one and they did really well with that. Now going live and on the road…huge cost. Hope it creates a huge reward. More shows = more awareness. Don’t forget the people in the company… they now have to travel more and pay their own way.

  • I love how they say that they are starting in “Chicago”. WWE shows are at the Allstate Arena which is in the town of Rosemont, on the border of Chicago, but still apx. 15 miles from the city proper (more or less). TNA will be at the Sears Center which is in Hoffman Estates, and over 20 miles further away from the Allstate Arena and Chicago.

    • Cody Zeller

      And I will never go to Hoffman Estates for anything including TNA. Wish it woulda been at a place in the city.

  • Going to have to watch now so I can laugh at all the empty arenas they will be performing! On another note, I wonder what the wrestlers that do TNA because they don’t have to be on the road like WWE think about it. Will they jump ship?

  • Jimmy

    Really hope they can give WWE some competition. I’m a huge fan of Brand Warefare

  • Chris

    Kevin Nash has stated before, flat out, that he had only gone to TNA because he liked working still and it allowed him to work and not have to travel or pay, since he lived so close to the Orlando base. Pretty sure he’s not the only one who felt that way that jumped ship. If you have the choice of working for a company making a LOT of money working pretty much all year, or another company making a lot LESS money, usually a smart person would choose the higher paycheck.

  • Not sure how I feel, I agree the iMPACT ZONE was small blah blah blah but as a Brit it was a cool thing to do when in Orlando go see TNA. I was at last years Victory Road ppv and loved it.

    I agree that it will make them more money possibly but feel sorry for the loyal people who did go to every event in Orlando. Also what about the wrestlers many of whom live in the area so don’t have to travel surely they won’t be to happy and it will be interesting as others have said to see who now jumps back to wwe for better money although TNA still only does Thurs-Sunday on the road as opposed to just Weds Thurs off.