Indy Worker Star Man Tossed From WWE Raw

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During Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler on this week's WWE Raw a chant broke out amongst fans of "we want Star Man." They were referring to the popular Pro Wrestling Syndicate worker who was in attendance. Once the chants broke out, Star Man, apparently in his ring gear, was escorted out of the building. You can watch video footage below:

After being tossed, he was able to get back into the building to finish the show. Star Man will be on the PWS show on Friday, November 9, 2012 in Rahway, New Jersey. Click here for more information.

  • sam

    Im sure the fans were chanting "this is awesome" not starman?

    • Cody

      They chanted "This is Awesome" towards the end, but they also had a "We want" chant earlier in the match. I could have sworn they were chanting "We want Ryder" though.

  • Ken

    Hell's teeth! Put a frikkin' volume warning up for that video or something!

    Never mind, I'll do it myself.
    This video is VERY LOUD and very high pitched and tinny. If you have head/earphones it WILL deafen you, and if you're on speakers your neighbours and any dogs in the imemdiate vicinity WILL hate you.
    If you're not careful this video WILL give you tinitus.

    Ten minutes and my ears are still ringing…

  • Looks like the attention whore got what he wanted.

  • Tex

    I watched RAW, and i did hear them chant " This is Awesome " But i didn't hear " We want Starman " It was " We want Ryder " A few seconds of fame ? NOT

  • James

    I find this a bit ridiculous. The person was sitting there as a fan. They chant, scream, and wear anything they want. If he ran into the ring, that is a different situation. But sitting, chanting, screaming or wearing clothes is not a escort offense in my opinion.