Injury Angle With Bobby Roode Following TNA Lockdown

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TNA did the following injury angle with TNA Champion Bobby Roode after his victory against James Storm at last night's TNA Lockdown pay-per-view:


  • Blazeking

    That's so damn funny. He's on the stretcher still talking smack!

  • Abe


  • “The Nightmare”

    If only the WWE would do to Dolph Ziggler what TNA has done with Roode………. Roode has the look, the talent and skill to last a very long time in this business. He’s been the bit player with Team Canada, the Tag Team specialist with Beer Money ( arguably the better Tag Team than AMW) and now sitting at the top of the card as Champ. James Storm is another that for some reason they let knock on the door but won’t let him in. Liking what I’m seeing from the TNA side of things just wish the WWE would get it together and push a talent they are sitting on to the moon!!