Injury Didn't Change Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker Outcome At Wrestlemania 30

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Brock Lesnar was scripted to go over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30. While Undertaker was indeed injured in the match, it did not alter the outcome.

Undertaker was taken from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in NOLA to a local hospital via ambulance and kept overnight for observation. Messages left for WWE's Public Relations department regarding the injury were not immediately returned.

The match outcome actually leaked to the public about an hour before it happened, causing international betting odds to move Lesnar as the favorite.

  • Nick

    If it leaked why wasn’t I told? Haha!!

    • Ty

      I want to know the same thing! Premium members should have known this!

      • jason witten 82

        thank god you werent told, why have such a massive, shocking moment spoiled

  • Skip Mathias

    I’m not happy about Undertaker’s streak being broken and believe he should have been able to retire with it intact, but I could have accepted it if the match was of Undertaker vs. HHH, or Undertaker vs. CM Punk caliber. This was not. My girlfriend who was with me agreed with me that there is no point for Lesnar to winning. What does anyone have to gain with Lesnar, who shows up and gets paid, taking away The Streak?

    I can attempt to get over it if this was Undertaker’s decision for the time, place, and opponent, but not if this was WWE’s attempt at a swerve at WrestleMania just to throw the audience. Then I cannot.

    But what is amazing it how much WWE is shot in the foot. The Streak, which was their Everest and one of the surefire main event slots each year at WrestleMania is gone. Their Undertaker Graveyard they used to do (don’t know if they still do) is in need of modification now that Lesnar gets a shiny pedestal at the end. Since 18-0, WWE has been pumping out Undertaker DVDs and Blu-Rays to have people relive The Streak, but 21-1 doesn’t have the same ring to it. They’ve (Vince) been trying to make nice with CM Punk to get him to come back, but the one guy in years that deserved to beat The Streak (Richard, at the time, even said so) didn’t win, but the part-time talent (which has been Punk’s biggest problem as of late) gets to one year later?

    Let’s face it. Creative screwed the pooch here.

    • John

      Creative didn’t decide to put Brock Lesnar over, Undertaker did. He choose to give up The Streak on his way out and he should be respected for doing so.

      • Skip Mathias

        If that was his decision, I agree, he should be respected. I said I could attempt/probably get over it if that was the case. Undertaker deserved to decide how it ends. He’s earned that.

        • John

          If Undertaker is indeed retiring then i think ending the streak was probably the right thing to do, but if he is going to be back next year then I’m not sure what the logic is for him losing this year. Personally i don’t think he comes back.

      • GOR

        Then I [& many others] would like to kno why taker chose Lesner.
        May be he didn’t want to lose it to Cena next year.

        • John

          They are friends and apparently he told Lesnar years ago that he would put him over at WrestleMania.