Injury The Reason For The Rock Possibly No-Showing Raw?

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One story going around about The Rock is that he suffered an injury in his WWE title match against John Cena at Wrestlemania 29 and was going home to get it examined.

There was a chaotic fiasco backstage at WWE Raw on Monday when Rock was nowhere to be found. Vince McMahon reportedly flipped out and ordered the show rewritten.

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  • The Rock finally has come back to WWE pumped up #Needles2Asses but leaves before it’s time to pee in the cup..(Just joking Dwayne! satire on how ripped you look! Don’t sue me!)

    • dont apologize. hes juiced up.

      • I’m not really the brackets bit is just a joke on how The Stars Read WNW ad I always see! Dwayne reads WNW.

  • Bruised ego

  • Booker_T

    Ah shucky ducky quack quack

    • hi how long has booker t been in wwe

  • D-Bag

    The WWE is about as organized as WCW was in it’s final days.

  • Gary Robert

    Vince should flip out over the pathetic booking of his biggest PPV event…oh wait, those were his decisions so they were ok.

  • King Kip

    Im pretty sure mister big hollywood pussed out from Brock Lesnar, knows he doesnt want a peice of Brock because the boy will break him in half.