Injury Update On The Miz

The Miz underwent Impact Testing backstage at this week's WWE Raw after getting busted open hardway from Kofi Kingston's Trouble in Paradise. He's scheduled to undergo further evaluation on Tuesday after being knocked loopy in the match.

You can watch the spot embedded in the video below:

We broke the news here on that a legitimate injury had occurred.

  • Ricky

    Hope this doesn't hurt Kofi's push

  • Sovikos

    Lol I’m not sure if it was breaking news… Those that saw it live on tv knew he was hurt for real! Miz isn’t that good of an actor! Plus he actually kicked him pretty good in the face lol

  • Mckendo

    Saw that last night and was like wow that went horribly wrong.

  • Noah

    That kick was brutal

  • Jman72485

    I winced when I saw the kick. Ouch! Hope Miz is ok….

    • The Champ

      I don't! I hope Miz won't see out of that eye EVER AGAIN! He's a real d*** on camera AND EVEN MORE SO in real life!

      • Brandon Ceielo

        Have you met him? He's pretty cool in real life.

  • Zack

    It'll be interesting to see what they do for Wednesday's championship match if Miz has a concussion

  • alex

    that was the greatest TIP ive ever seen!

  • Tom

    Maybe Orton was right saying Kofi wasn’t ready a few years back

    • alex

      thats what happens in this business. people get hit. miz turned into something beautiful, a boot to the face. 🙂

  • unknown

    i knew he was hurt when i heard how hard he got it. instant *ouch* moment

  • Thumpa

    It looked amazing, just what the feud needed

  • Miz's boom drop

    accident or not Raw needed that kind of an impact to happen somewhere, definitely the biggest thing that i remembered about the show….and here miz said all anybody would remember about Kofi is Boom boom boom…now he knows that boom is all he will remember from that nite

  • bluefunk72

    Best Trouble In Paradise EVER!!!

  • Kevin

    That's the problem with Trouble in Paradise Kofi has to turn his back momentarily and so is kicking blind. It's up to the receiver to be sure to be in proper position and not be too close. Chuck Norris said it best in an interview years ago when he said that it's much more difficult doing "pretend" fighting scenes than it is doing real matches. In real matches, each man expects to be hit for real, and is therefore prepared to defend againt it. In movie fight scenes, each an is attempting to make it APPEAR that he is hitting the other without actually doing so. The punches and kicks have to come as close as possible in order to pull that off, and sometimes they actually connect. Since the opponent isn't expecting to actually get hit, he isn't defending against it.