Inside Impact - Who Is Sting's New Main Event Mafia?

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Embedded in the videos below are several Inside Impact clips that were posted on TNA Wrestling's YouTube channel.

Inside IMPACT: Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)

Inside IMPACT: Crimson reacts backstage to his loss against Joseph Park

Inside IMPACT: Rampage Jackson on the war vs. The Aces and Eights

Inside IMPACT: Who Is Sting's new Main Event Mafia?

Inside IMPACT: Joseph Park qualifies for the Bound For Glory Series

  • David

    Based on this week impact

    Member of the new main event mafia

    Kurt angle
    James storm

    There would be 2 or 3 more to compete as equal with aces and eights

  • jdl

    They make a big deal of it, but the audience response was essentially “Are we supposed to cheer?”

  • Edwin Myer

    The New Main Even Mafia This is Who I Think It Will Be

    Kurt Angle
    Samoa Joe
    Matt Morgan(he wanted to be part of the Mafia)
    AJ Styles(His StoryLline fit for the Mafia)
    D’Lo Brown(Aces And 8s turn there back on him)
    Abyss/Joseph Park

  • Robert Olley

    Imo it shows tna are starting to just rehash their old storylines i mean 3 years later ( i think its been 3 years anyway) and they already redoing the mem.