Intercontinental Championship Tournament On Raw

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Joey Styles just tweeted that there will be a tournament on Raw tonight to determine the new Number 1 Contender for Big E's Intercontinental Championship.

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  • CJ Blaze

    This sounds exciting. I’ve always been a fan of these type of matches to determine #1 contenders.

    • Me too. Should be good. I know Swagger won it at a house show for like 30 seconds this weekend. So I wonder if he’ll win the tournament or what. Wish they’d do something similar for the US title, too. Give it a use again

      • CJ Blaze

        True. I hope Swagger doesn’t win, I would mind seeing him in the tournament, but not the title match again. I was scared Swagger actually won when I read the headline

  • Mike McCarthy

    Notice that he said it BEGINS tonight. I don’t think it’ll end tonight.

    • Lebron James

      Sh!t, you’re right! If so, that sucks.

  • thepowerserge

    Here’s a novel idea: how about a unification match to merge the IC and US titles, especially considering that Dean Ambrose NEVER defends his. That would make far more sense than another pointless tournament.

    • Simon Veitch

      I agree, they’re not really using either of the belts effectively anymore. I wouldn’t mind having Ambrose win the tournament so they could do that kind of story line where they put both belts on the line and winner obviously then unifies the titles.

  • Ultimate WWE Fan

    ADR will win

    • Eric

      If ADR wins we riot

      • Ultimate WWE Fan

        He got eliminated 🙂

  • Lebron James

    I’m looking forward to it! By the way, King of the Ring needs to be an annual event.

  • Eric

    I am thinking Cesaro will win this to help jump start his push.