International Airings Of Raw Heavily Edited, New Undertaker Plaque, Booker T Appearance

- Wrestling News World reader Brandon van Reenen sent in the following:

In South Africa (as well as all other countries carrying the international version of Raw), WWE has begun piping in commentary and removing any reference to the original 3-hour runtime. Raw's shift to 3 hours has really hurt the quality of the international version which, without ad-breaks, only runs for 45 minutes. Matches are heavily edited down to less than 5 minutes and even with the social media bits removed, the show is dominated by backstage and in-ring segments as well as countless video promos.

- Wrestling News World reader Dustyn sent in the following:

WWE Shop has just released a Wrestlemania XXVIII 20-0 Undertaker plaque. It has a collage of several pictures, his autograph, as well as a piece of the ring rope used at Wrestlemania. The plaques are limited to 1000. Here is the link.

- Wrestling News World reader Dan Dunstan sent in the following:

Booker T will be at Fan Expo Canada this weekend in Toronto. From what I have been told, he will be there to promote his book "From Prison to Promise" due out in September.

  • _JIM_

    I don’t understand why they would edit RAW like that over seas. Doesn’t seem to make sense. You’d think airing it as is would grow their fanbase. Unless its a network thing where they are only alotted that short of time. Like I said, I don’t get it.

    • The arbiter

      New Zealand gets all 3 hoursof Raw, I must admit it does take me about 80 Minutes to watch the show once I fast forward through the ads, replays and HHH talking

    • Brandon, South Africa

      I also don’t understand at all, Jim. Well here in South Africa, WWE programming airs on free TV. But they get the highest ratings in their timeslots. You’d think that the network would wanna capitalise on that, but no. Instead we’re given this heavily-edited RAW. SmackDown’s a lot more bearable to watch on the other hand.

  • Dan

    We get it full in aus. As well as nxt and superstars.

  • PFElton

    Matches edited to under 5 minutes. All talking.

    WWE, GET IT?!

  • chris

    I personally haven't noticed any difference in Raw, I'm in the UK. Bit confused by that bit of info to be honest!

  • Brandon, South Africa

    Lol well you’re hearing it from the horse’s mouth here in South Africa. Lots of people just download episodes of RAW and fast forward through bits. Or people just watch Bottom Line if they don’t want to watch RAW or Afterburn if they don’t want to watch SmackDown. And we have the luxury of NXT and Vintage Collection too.