Introducing WNW Disqussion - Chat Live About Stories & Add Instant Reactions

We are proud to announce our all new commenting system here at

The new system was installed last Saturday and is now out of beta testing and ready to go. The big change is your comments now appear instantly without mod approval. Feel free to use the comments area to discuss stories live with your fellow readers or instantly add your own reactions to the news that matters to you.

Not only is the commenting system completely compatible with the Wrestling News World iPhone App, but it works with all tablets and mobile browsers.

Please keep in mind comments are still subject to removal by the mods should you violate the commenting rules.

  • Nostaljack

    s very poorly on my iPhone. FYI

  • Nostaljack

    Works poorly on my iPhone. I can barely submit comments on it.

  • CJ Blaze


  • Nik

    + Really pleased to see comments appearing straight away, as discussions on news sites naturally die down quickly, often before comments get approved for publication.

    – Echo the sentiments about iPhone use. Tried to make this very same comment on my phone but gave up and came to my PC.

    Overall, looking forward to seeing how it develops as this is pretty much the only site I ever post comments on 🙂

  • swifpenguin

    give them a break. this is complicated stuff. it’s just out of beta, there’s bound to be a few issues. skyrim is a huge game and it’s been out for over a year, and it still has a lot of problems on the PS3.

    • Nik

      Strange analogy but if anything that is a hardware restriction. Definitely some teething problems here but everything always turns out okay on WNW so things are sure to work soon enough, especially with the effort that goes into the back end of the site/app.

  • Maze Of Torment

    New? This is Disqus, it’s becoming widely used in all sorts of websites. Pretty cool.

  • Paul Winstanley

    Good to have new features… Hopefully wont be abused by people…

    Echo the sentiments on the iPhone compatability… It’s not great ATM but you guys tend to get bugs out pretty sharp ish… Also the disqus thing doesnt appeal to me when trying to connect with tw ask for permission to post tweets and change my profile, it seems a little invasive when all i want to do is post comments…

    cant see what im writing on my phone right now… it needs sorting

  • Loren Goldstein

    I agreebthats its slo2 to [email protected] when ty0ing in my phon3.and very buggy 2ith th3 #p3e& t+at i the time i fishedpng thu8ebword phine was alrean and you can see allbthe mistakes it is making.

    • it’s not making the mistakes. YOU are because you’re not taking the time to proof read your work.

      • Loren Goldstein

        Actually I was making a point. Using my phone to respond to comments is the way that I usually do it. Even with the auto-correct features on my phone working, the app responds too slowly. I had typed the first two sentences on my keyboard by the time the word typing was printed on the screen. I generally do proof read my work even with auto-corrects help. There should be no reason that I press the “w” key on my keyboard but the app thinks i’m pressing “2”.

  • Cool!!

  • PainOfDemise

    I saw this a few days ago. I’m happy that I don’t have to wait for approval to get a comment in. Great feature to update Richard. Also seen that you updated the site logo to make it look like more of a title belt.

  • Mitchell


  • Zman

    I don’t like that new’s a bit sh*t if I’m honest …looks Too much for the kids … Come on Richard , sort it out mate , sort it out

  • The Breaker

    I really like the new system. It works well on the computer. But on mobile devices I haven’t even been able to login successfully without being directed away from the page.

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, great addition to allow comments to post quicker. For those of us that don’t really care what a 12 year old thinks of our comments, can we opt out of getting emails on their follow up comments? Hate to sound rude, but unfortunately there are a lot of folks that make comments out of boredom, and I don’t need the extra email.

  • Sam The Man.

    It work?

  • Luke
  • Simon Veitch

    So far the new comment feature is working perfectly fine on my GalaxyS2. Can see what I have written, box enlarges as I type. No issues at all so I’m wondering if it’s an iphone compatability thing.

    Ahh well for all intents and purposes it works fine for Android devices which is good for me.

    Thanks Richard and WNW

  • Tbh I haven’t had any problems posting from my iphone

  • Vic Jose

    THANK YOU! I was so happy to see this the other day because before my comments were always been deleted automatically and I was never able to post anything. I also like the new belt logo at the top of the page!