IOC Drops Wrestling From 2020 Olympic Games

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Leaders of the International Olympic Committee dropped wrestling from the Olympic program on Tuesday, which will remove the sport from competition in 2020.

The decision was made to retain modern pentathlon and cut wrestling from the list of 25 "core sports."

"This is a process of renewing and renovating the program for the Olympics," IOC spokesman Mark Adams said. "In the view of the executive board, this was the best program for the Olympic Games in 2020. It's not a case of what's wrong with wrestling, it is what's right with the 25 core sports."

The move will allow the IOC to add a new sport to the program later this year.

Click here for coverage by the USA Today.

Richard Reacts: I actually see a WWE tie-in here.  The company often sends Gerald Brisco to scout amateur wrestling matches to look for new talent.  If wrestling is removed from the Olympics, will people still pursue the sport?  If they don't this is bound to at least alter the talent pool in which WWE brings to the company.  Workers like Jack Swagger, Brock Lesnar and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle were all amateur wrestlers before signing WWE contracts.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Oh well, the Olympics are fake anyways. I only watch real sports. *turns on pro wrestling*

  • I love the excuse that wrestling is not a core sport. I guess the Greco-Romans were wrong when they had wrestling as one of their original sports. I think this is a big mistake on the part of the IOC.

    • Darko Maric

      Agree with you completely, if there is a core sport it has to be wrestling. How are cycling and taekwondo core sports? It don’t watch regular wrestling, but everyone knows that it was one of the original sports in the old olympics.

  • Winnipeg

    Does that mean ping pong is more popular then armature wrestling?

  • Clearly, badminton was found to be a greater test of physical prowess.

    • Guy With A Functioning Brain

      Or, I don’t know, more popular with people who will want to go and watch it. Or take part in the sport.

      There are REASONS the IOC have done what they’ve done. They haven’t just dropped wrestling to piss people like you and so many other precious little snowflakes here who are taking it personally.

      • Not taking it personally. From a business standpoint, it was an extraordinarily foolish move. With as much popularity as MMA & pro wrestling sees worldwide, and the revenue they draw for the major cities they bring their shows to…does it really seem like a wise move to cut a major platform like amateur wrestling? Or does badminton even come close to drawing the same kind of attention & money on a worldwide basis?

  • lee

    Richard I heard Kurt Angle was going to do a interview about this later today.