Is Jim Ross Retired? - He Answers The Question

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WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross sent a tweet out from his official Twitter page. He reveals what his passion is right now and whether or not he is retired. The tweet is embedded below:

  • Austin

    He should still be calling raw….

    • John

      No he shouldn’t.. Time has moved on! People complain about Rock being champion in 2013 & yet you want JR back?

      Don’t get me wrong, he’s excellent at what he does, but the chemistry between Cole & JBL is as good as JR & Jerry Lawler ever was. If anything i would bring JR back & put him & King on Smackdown & have JBL & Cole on RAW permanently.

      • FactionZer0

        Like JBL said on Smackdown, “Of course I make a good point! I’m a great color commentator!”

  • Michael

    I think that Vince should move Cole back to smackdown with Jbl and bring Ross back with the king.the broadcast is missing passion the kind that only one man delivered week in and week out. Nobody not even Gordon Solely will ever be better the good olĀ“ JR g.o.a.t.


    People need to understand VKM pulled him off for his health. Yea he’s great but think about his health, not worth the risk