Why There Isn't A Definitive Timetable For Daniel Bryan's Return

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WWE is doing everything they can to keep Daniel Bryan's momentum going as he recovers from the minimally invasive neck surgery he had on May 15, 2014. The company has stalled plans to strip him of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in hopes that he'll be able to return by Money in the Bank later this month. The problem is, they still do not have a definitive timetable on his return.

This is because it all depends on how quickly Bryan is able to regain the strength in his arm after the procedure was done to decompress the nerve root. When dealing with such issues, it's impossible to provide a timetable because it depends on how quickly the body responds.

As we explained in Monday's backstage notes from Raw, Stephanie McMahon's announcement was WWE intertwining their legitimate plan in storyline to show fans both options.

Internally, WWE doesn't want to strip Bryan of the title after all that went into the build for him to go over, however, they realize that's their only option in the event of a prolonged absence.

Bryan is scheduled for next week's episode of Monday Night Raw from Minneapolis, MN.

  • Philip Thompson

    This is why they need two titles.

    • Danny_Boy

      They just a need a champion who’s taller then. Six grader that weights more then 100lbs. Unfortunately for Bryan he barely makes those cuts. He can’t handle the schedule of being the next big thing or the physical demand it has on your body

      • Tammy Adams

        It really shouldnot urk me the stupidity of some people but it does. I have two sons one giant and one Daniel Bryan size. Guess who is the better athlete, the smaller one who “looks-like-a-six-grader. Number one the type of injury Daniel had could and has happened to other wrestlers. If you don’t like Daniel you are entitled to your opinion. Making stupid general remarks shows you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Patrick

        he can more then handle it… and as was pointed out in that promo between Steph and Cena….everyone at one time or another gets injuryed you hope it doesn’t happen but at some point it will and can happen.. wiether you hold a title or not.

      • Big D

        Hunter, is that you? Nope, sorry. This is Dave.

  • Patrick

    HBK went thru the same thing between Royal Rumble 98 where he injuyed his back in a match with Undertaker…he took time off in Feb and was not at the PPV.. and returned at WM to face Austin and he was still hurting and had not yet had surgry…..and the time between the Rumble and WM was well over the 30 days….of not defending the title…. they recently brought up again and has been ignored for years….They chose to NOT strip HBK of the title.

    and they are giveing Bryan time to heal….and hope he will not be out longer.

    • K!NG

      There really is a huge difference between HBK and Bryan. HBK needed surgery Bryan has already had it. that makes a huge difference.

  • Christen

    I am sorry but i think he should of been stripped of the title in the first place. Any champion in that position whether they were getting a build up or not would of had to surrender the title. If a title can not be defended in 30 days the champion has to give up the title. Look at all the superstars who got injured while champion even though their time table for return was short. But because everyone is high on Daniel Bryan its okay. I mean its not like they couldn’t write in that he wins it back.

  • Mandy

    I like that WWE is trying to stall in chances that Bryan heals in time but if not then they should strip him of the title.