It's That Time… This Week's "Are You Serious?" With Road Dogg & Josh Mathews

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The latest episode of "Are You Serious?" with Road Dogg and Josh Mathews is embedded in the video below:

  • Haley

    what’s in the box?

  • Brandon Ceielo

    Make a show with Puppet H and "Smart" Mark and get a few other characters. Best wrestling show ever.
    And was that really an ending to a Nitro? No wonder they eventually lost to WWE.

    • Ken

      WCW had its problems but Nitro was a cool show for a long time. It kicked Raw's backside for long enough. I wish Nitro and WCW were still around. Vince needed then in order to push himself.

      A show with Puppet H and Smart Mark would be a great show though. I'd be interested in seeing how the other wrestlers are rendered in puppet form.
      They could have a stuffed cobra with a Santino sock puppet on its tail.
      They wouldn't need to do anything to Booker. Dude looks like a puppet anyway at times.
      They could substitute a plain plank of wood for John Cena.
      I think Kofi, Kane, and Ziggler would make great puppets. Taker would be pretty good too.

      It'd be like playing with wrestling buddies on the bed when I was a wee young 'un. The matches would probably be better than on Raw.

  • Mike L

    Long Live T. L. Hopper!

  • Terra Ryzing

    I wish this show was longer.