IWF Touts Another Graduate Becomes Member Of The FCW Roster; Bring Back King Of The Ring PPV?

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- The Independent Wrestling Federation announced today their former heavyweight champion Dante Dash is officially a member of the Florida Championship Wrestling roster. Dash, who trained at the IWF Wrestling School in September 2010, was signed to a WWE developmental contract in September 2011 and began training in October 2011. He is the fourth IWF Wrestling School Graduate to sign a professional contract in the past two-and-a-half years.

- WWE has a new article online on their official website that lobbies to bring back the King of the Ring pay-per-view. You can read it at this link(Thanks to WNW reader Matt Scott for sending us the link.)

  • Mike L

    King of the Ring on PPV could be used as a build up to Summerslam. Winner of the tournament gets a shot at their brands world title. (They don’t to choose the title they want like at the Royal Rumble, that way it doesn’t look as big as Mania, but is still big.)

  • mark3man

    Used to love king of ring, was a good way of building up intercontental champion type upto main event but i feel if it came back it’d either be used for main eventers and we will get a cena\orton winner or it`d be treated pretty much like it is now where it means nothing at all.

  • Wrestle4life

    Big dady V is a former king!!

    • Paul

      But so is stone cold!
      It could go either way if they brought it back, hopefully they won’t cock it up if they do.

    • Jeremy

      So was King Booker though I don't like his gimmick at the time.