Jack Korpela Gone From WWE

After being missing from television for over a month, I can confirm that Jack Korpela has left WWE. Korpela, who originally replaced Todd Grisham on WWE NXT, had been replaced in recent weeks by Matt Striker.

WWE has removed his profile from their official website.

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    No offense to him, but him being gone led to Matt Striker and Josh Matthews reuniting on the booth for NXT and SD matches on Superstars. That's a good thing, as I'm entertained by that team more. That's a team that should be on TV. Matthews isn't given enough credit, as he's filling the face play by play role well, especially it being a good breath of air, as Cole would get all over the place, and has killed his play by play life span.

    Striker is with a guy he doesn't try to counter in the burying department. I allude to Striker being just buried by Cole and Lawler on PPVs, and Striker firing back with his subtle shots. I remember being so pissed off at Lawler and Cole berating him, because Striker (he can be overbearing and too much of a mark at times) was eons ahead of those two in being an entertaining commentator and still is. It reached a point, particularly Over the Limit, I wished death upon Cole and Lawler. Seriously: they won't retire, they won't get fired, they hardly get sick. What else to wish? I remember Lawler telling Striker blatantly to shut up during that show, and I'd fire back at my screen for him to shut up, with the added swearing.

    With Matthews, Striker's commentary style is highlighted, but he doesn't get too overbearing, and he now just has friendly debate. With Lawler and Cole, it was different. So Korpela being gone, in a way, is a good thing.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I know Vince has a man crush on Cole. but I hate him heel or Face and he since being heel goes to far overboard to the point I don't watch WWE with the sound on. he doesn't have good heel heat like Bobby Heenan, Cole has go away heat.

    His feud with Daniel Bryan is heating up and I for one am tired of it. if this ends up with Cole in the ring against Daniel Bryan then I hope Bryan puts Cole out for good.

    As for Striker and Matthew They are a good team and I enjoy listening to them..

    • Hicksey

      'Go away heat'….. Dude, heat is heat. And what Vince has done with Cole has worked.

  • Mike Brailsford

    The commentary situation is the lowest it has ever been in my 21 years of watched WWF/E full time. Bring back Jim Ross before the situation becomes terminal.

  • Ricky

    Bottom line WWE doesn't have the commentators they used to have. Cole is Vince's golden boy and will continue to be so until Vince gets tired of him and chooses someone else. I do agree that Jim Ross needs to return to RAW or SD but Vince will never let that happen. The play by play isn't what it was back in the 80's when Gorilla and Heenan where calling matches. They need a team like that and lets face it, Cole/King or Cole/Booker isn't doing it.

  • Andrew

    If they love Cole, Booker and Lawler so much they should just put all three on Raw. Raw's pretty average anyway so why not just put the icing on the cake. On SMackdown it should be Striker and Matthews as SD to me is still a good show to watch and deserves a better team than what we have been given. I'll agree that Striker can be overbearing and say some stupid things but at least he gives off the impression that he wants to be there and call what's happening in the ring (hell Lawler said outright he dosen't like his job) instead of taking off all focus of the match to launch into personal vendettas on the wrestlers.

    • snuggle

      You people are idiots right I agree that Ross should reunite with Jerry and that the whole Cole heel thing as ran its course but for you to believe anything that the announcers say on tv to be true is stupid. It’s all kayfabe Vince tells them what to say through the headsets that’s why Mick Foley left wwe for tna he said it you guys are such tools. I agree ross shouldn’t be picked on but guess what he continues to work there and allows these things to happen so that tells me he doesn’t have a problem with it. Wake up wrestling is scripted from top to bottom from the match outcome to who the announcers play up or put down.

  • stoney

    Raw commentators should be JR and King
    Smackdown commentators should be Josh Matthews, Matt Striker and Booker T (he's improving)
    and Cole should be permanently unemployed

  • Sarad limbu

    Cole angle is streching as a tasteless chewing gum!!!!!!!!!bring “slobber knocker” Jim Ross back he is way better than cole

  • Hello

    Cody's padless knees

  • proud

    but I thought Jack had my back 🙁