Jack Swagger Arrested For DUI & Marijuana After Smackdown

TMZ is reporting that Jack Swagger  was arrested Tuesday night in Mississippi for allegedly driving under the influence with marijuana in his vehicle.

Swagger was leaving this week's Smackdown taping from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi when he was stopped by police for speeding. The officer determined Swagger was driving under the influence and searched his vehicle. Marijuana was found and he was arrested by local sheriff's deputies but later released on his own recognizance.

He's been charged with three misdemeanors - driving under the influence, possession of marijuana and speeding.

TMZ obtained the following statement from WWE:

"Mr. Swagger is responsible for his own personal actions."

The gossip publication also released his mugshot:

Jacob Hager Mugshot

Richard Reacts: This is probably one of the most irresponsible arrests in WWE history.  He's been off television for 6 months and not only does he have Vince McMahon's confidence but a title match at Wrestlemania.  Sources have always claimed Swagger had a tendency to develop an attitude/ego problem but this takes the cake.  Wow.

  • Lrgetrout9


    Sorry about your main event spot.

  • Dangerous Lee

    So he works drunk and high. That explains a lot….

  • Well bye bye big push. So who do we reckon is facing del Rio at mania now?

    • JL

      Punk maybe?

      • david

        christian or Ziggler would be two great left wing options

        • JL

          Agreed. They have options out there. With Cena/Rock, HHH/Lesnar & possibly Taker/Punk already being the main focus they could even throw Henry, Cesaro or Sandow in there with ADR.

  • JL

    SMH WOW!!!!!!! Was never fan but I was just about too give him a chance with this new gimmick. What a dumb ass. Well maybe they can slide Punk over and make him the #1 contender for the WHC belt. Just a thought.

  • “Mr. Swagger” sounds so weird.

  • Shawn

    There goes that push lol

  • Nostaljack

    Not a smart move at all. His push has just ended. ‘Course, one wonders what they’re gonna do with Zeb. He’s just getting hot and Mantel did nothing wrong.

  • Jason

    if wwe does decide to have swagger keep his mania match and not suspend him for this wellness policy strike…than wwe is only going to go against their own shit……..just saying

    • Michael

      Vince didn’t suspend wrestlers for smoking pot they only get a fined. The only suspension for smoking is the synthetic pot which is seen as more dangerous then regular pot.

      • JL

        RVD lost his push in 06 after being pulled over with Sabu.

        • Michael

          Lost his push not suspended. Orton is the prime example he’s been in trouble for smoking marijuana plenty of times however he keeps doing it because they only fine you. The reason Rvd lost his spot is because he was the current wwe champion and the fact that he was in the car smoking and he took the full rap when it was both he and Sabu caused him the title.

          • JL

            Either way, Swagger is done bro. He’s push is dead. He won’t sniff the main event ever again

          • Michael

            No problem with that I wanted Mark Henry to win the ec match. Never was a high up Swagger fan.

          • JL

            Just looked it up. RVD did in fact get suspended for 30 days after all that happened

          • Guest

            Just looked it up, RVD did in fact get suspended for 30 days

  • GKP

    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye.

  • Rkoturner11

    I think this is ortons chance to regain his spot and take over!

  • Nostaljack

    One also has to wonder if McMahon is just going to throw in the towel and send him to the land of future endeavors.

    • JL

      I say release him. He was an average worker at best. And clearly doesn’t know how to handle success very well

      • John

        I’m shocked at the stupidity of Swagger, giving the opportunity he has been giving by the WWE ! BUT did you seriously just call Jack Swagger an average worker “at best” ???

        Swagger is the best wrestler on the entire roster.. He is far from average !

        • JL

          That’s laughable, hes nowhere near the best. He hasn’t had a single great match since he’s been in the WWE. Just b/c he has an amateur background doesn’t make you a great wrestler in the WWE. It’s about knowing how too call matches, having great ring presence, connecting with the fans, cutting promos, selling moves etc etc. Swagger was average at all of those things. Like I said before, average.

          • John

            It takes two to make a great match. Is he the most marketable guy in the WWE? No definitely not, but he could absolutely outwork anyone on the roster when it comes to wrestling ability.

          • Nostaljack

            Not even. Daniel Bryan is the best worker WWE has. Swagger is very good, to be sure, but Bryan is just scary good.

          • Hardy

            Ziggler is also better than swagger.


          • Nostaljack

            He’s certainly a great deal smarter – no question there.

          • AlphaMale


  • Callum

    Swagger to win title for Ziggler to cash in. Shortest title reign ever?

  • Michael

    I say have Ziggler cash in and have a new number one contender match between Alberto and Swagger where Alberto wins and goes to Mania to face Ziggler in a rematch.

    • Willie

      Only thing wrong with that is if Alberto lose he get a rematch anyways

      • Michael

        Alberto will say he wants his rematch at Mania, causing Swagger to come down and saying he gets the shot at Mania and Booker T comes and makes a match where the winner receives the title match at Mania.

  • Tuma

    Such a let down.

  • Oh Jack. Just when you finally get your TV time and a massive one at that which has ended up with you getting a WHC match at the biggest Pay-Per-View in the company and then you end up doing this? I won’t be surprised if he ends up jobbing to Santino again in a few months time. He is an idiot

  • Maze

    Im sure WWE will give him a second chance.

  • PainOfDemise

    God I hope that stops his push. What an idiot.

  • Frenchfry

    Im afraid to think of what Vinces reaction must have been to this

  • Hazmatt23

    WEED the people!

  • _JIM_

    Could the timing be any worse for Swagger? This kind of puts the Wellness Policy into question. How is Swagger smoking pot and not failing Wellness tests? I hope Vince is lenient and let’s this slide. I don’t think Jack has had any failed Wellness tests or any other legal issues before this, other than his reputation for having a bad attitude. So hopefully this doesn’t effect his push. I’m finding this new gimmick interesting, and I’m curious to see how far they are going to go with it. Because it has the potential to get extremely controversial if they would let it.

    • Robert

      Pot does not get a wrestler suspended under the wellness policy.

    • You must be some kind of idiot. He was arrested for DUI. The D stands for a little something called DRIVING. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Now, what if he had hit a car or, worse yet, a pedestrian. If Vinnie Mac doesn’t want to be perceived as a hypocrite, he needs to act on this situation immediately.

      • AlphaMale

        People like you piss me off. All he said was that he hopes this won’t affect his push. No reason for shit talking

  • Wow, can one imagine the gasket Vinny Mac blew when he heard this…..

  • Willie

    If i was Vince ill have Y2j vs Dolph & Still have Alberto Vs Swagger! Let Swagger vs Alberto be the first match at Wrestlemania29. Alberto win Swagger beat him up bad for Dolph to come cash in Mitb and become new world champ and let Y2j vs Dolph be a match for the title !!!!! 3 Champiinship Title Matches in one night Or 3 Championship Title Changes in one night #Epic….. Cause we all know The Rock Gonna Lose At Wrestlemania29 I Hope Its A 3Way Rock, Cena & Punk

  • The Breaker

    McMahon should have just let him walk.

  • Benjamin

    Said all along he was getting this push far too quickly and it looks like it’s back fired on WWE.

  • Stoney

    Bye Bye Push
    there are 4 possible people to face Del Rio at WM now
    Orton: Could be where he finally turns heel
    Y2J: Could also include Ziggler
    Mark Henry: It would be a good match, a David Vs Goliath kind of match
    Ziggler: Cause he has MITB

  • H.M.

    This reminds of 2008 where Hardy was in line for a huge push to win the MITB briefcase at WM24 and go on to become World champion but it was derailed. Of course that was Hardy and…this is Swagger but that’s the only incident that I can bring up in relation to this one. Both of them screwed up prior to a big WM push/match. I don’t really know what to make of this but as a bystander, I’m really curious to see how WWE goes about dealing with this one LOL.

  • Aris Averkiou

    So who’s up for JTG vs Alberto Del Rio.

    • King of Smoke

      Im with you on that lol

  • Aris Averkiou

    So who’s up for JTG s Del Rio at Wrestlemania 29

  • Aris Averkiou

    Even though Swagger is a f****n idiot what he did is still pretty damn funny. #YOLO

    • Hardy

      He may not think that later on in life or even in the near future.

  • He’s not getting released… Probably just fined… It’s just weed, wouldn’t be surprised if 75% of the locker room does it.

  • The All American mug shot.

  • King of Smoke

    Not so much tripping on the weed but its sad that he would do that to himself. All I can hear is big Vin saying “YOUR FIRED”!!!! Time for Orton to turn heel and get his belt back.

  • guest

    OK you people saying its just weed are stupid. It has nothing to do with the getting high but the fact he was driving. He’s a moron that deserves to be fired. I live 5 miles from that arena and it is very crowded and he could of easily hurt someone.