Jack Swagger Buried, Brodus Clay, Roode's Failed Heel Turn, WNW iPhone App, 2012 Royal Rumble Winner

Why is WWE burying Jack Swagger?

Jack Swagger is a very unique talent in terms of the way he's been pushed. The WWE office was very high up on him coming out of developmental as they pushed him on ECW to the top of the brand as ECW Champion. In 2010, he became Mr. Money in the Bank after winning the bout at Wrestlemania XXVI and ended up winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Swagger appeared to be the next mega-star to be churned out of the WWE machine, however, there ended up being an issue with his behavior backstage and it resulted in a humbling that has lasted throughout the year. Every time I think Swagger is going to be built back up, he's buried again. Swagger was unable to establish himself as a top star during his run on top and as a result, finds himself in a mid-card enhancement role. I haven't heard the future creative plans for his character but this is why it's absolutely crucial that a worker take full advantage of a run on top.

Given all the build for Brodus Clay, could he be the one to end the reign of Mark Henry and become the next World Heavyweight Champion?

WWE has big plans for Brodus Clay if he ever makes it to television. Clay has seen his re-debut pushed back for several weeks now although the company is still planning a huge push for him. I don't think it's likely he'll be the worker to stop Mark Henry because Henry is a Smackdown worker and Clay is being pushed for Raw. It will be interesting to see who will be the worker to stop Henry as it will give whoever does it a huge rub.

I feel like turning Bobby Roode heel was a huge mistake. He was a brilliant babyface and James Storm would have made the better heel. What are your thoughts?

I completely agree the Bobby Roode heel turn on TNA television has been a failure to this point. The company built Roode for months only to have him go under to Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory. In a move no one saw coming, James Storm ended up beating Kurt Angle for the title in a less-than-stellar match on free television the next week. The company ended up turning Roode heel and getting the belt on him only for people like Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan to smirk about how they outsmarted everyone. Fans weren't "outsmarted," they were thrown off because the storyline was so poorly booked. While Hogan and Bischoff will boast the Internet fans criticize because they "don't see the full picture," I argue Hogan and Bischoff have no idea what they are doing. I'm told the duo actually wants the title back on Jeff Hardy which I believe is a huge risk given his past behavior.

What's the latest with the WrestlingNewsWorld.com iPhone App?

Our iPhone App has been down since the launch of the new design as we wait for our developer to finish updating the code. The top two posts on the application will load the new mobile site in a fully functional manner until the update comes out.

What are the plans for next year's Royal Rumble match? I hear Randy Orton is the favorite.

WWE creative has started to pitch plans for the 2012 Royal Rumble match; however, no winner has been finalized. There is a debate every year whether or not the match should be used to elevate a younger worker or help re-build an already established worker. There is already a unique situation for next year's match as Daniel Bryan is still scheduled to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXVIII. While I have maintained I'll "believe that when I see it," there is going to be an interesting scenario with the title shots usually being determined at Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber respectively.

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  • For me a returning masked Kane would be the one to stop Henry. Whether Kane could then have one last run all the way to Mania with the Belt. He could then face off with The Undertaker for the Title at Mania in a Face V Face match. Obviously the thing making this a possible first loss for Taker would be "Why would WWE put the belt on a star who can no longer wrestle week in, week out?"

    Obviously I'd then like to see Taker win the belt which he could then either retire with the belt and ending the Brand extension for good or Daniel Bryan could cash in pinning the Taker and getting the belt… would be an almighty push for him to pin The Taker at Wrestlemania.

    Just some out there ideas… will probably be hated.

    • nite

      oh wow, i like your idea a lot, that would be huge, to extend streak to 20 but then to push D-bryan to the moon by cashing in money in the bank to go over taker. i have always been a big fan of the darker undertaker but with him getter older and having numerous injurys over the years its hard to see him having another run with the belt unfortunately.

  • Patrick

    Zack Ryder should win the Royal Rumble! Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania, You Know It!

  • cef

    lets not forget Cena said that Rock vs Cena should be for the WWE title so in theory both title bouts have already been partially or completely decided

    • Chad

      That match shouldnt be for the title, if it were then its pretty much a 100% certainty that Cena would beat Rock. How could Rock win the title when he is not back full time?

      • nite

        could have D-bryan cash in on the Rock

        • Robert

          Hey i like that And most comments on this site are dumb but you get rock beating vena and then a huge danielson push at wm id cherish that forever and i like roode him and angle r two best in tna angle with no doubt is greatest wrestler ever bar none u argue i say gold medal n be able to pro wrestle as good as amateur wrestle

      • Adam

        The Rock could win, then present the title to McMahon and vacate the title.

        • Chad

          It almost doesn't matter what happens as long as the Rock beats Cena. I pray to the wrestling God's that the Rock doesn't lose that match

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I disagree with you Richard, Bobby Rhode has been great as a heel he is more suited as a heel then a face. I've enjoyed his heel turn since it happen.

    • Rey

      The fact that you couldn't even spell his last name properly makes me question your opinion…

      • @RatedMKD

        Generally, I'd agree with you, but Mr. Peralta has offered so many valid and informed opinions in these comment boards that I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. A lot of people have been talking about Cody Rhodes lately, I'm assuming that it was just a small mental mix-up of Roode and Rhodes.

  • Ruck

    I think that if I was a WWE wrestler I would have plenty of success…(given if I was a gifted athlete and had the right attributes to get over with the office) I think I would play the political game really well because through the years I have seen exactly what it takes to get over and be a main eventer. First, if you have the physical attributes you're already on your way..than your acting skills should also play a big part (mic work, reactions to an event and handling situations under pressure) But then comes the behind the scene part where the number one thing you have to do is always be humble, always be nice to everyone and please the right people without overdoing it. Always show that you have the dedication and determination to make it big. The last thing would be to check your ego at the door! With all of this I believe a person could get over big time!

  • Andrew

    Who wants to see Kane vs The Undertaker again?? I always thought it made sense for John Cena to defeat The Undertaker at mania, seeing as Cena ia the face of the WWE, it would be the passing of the torch. But hopefully The Rock does it to Cena at mania. No I’m not a Cena fan but there’s no way he should lose to The Rock at mania. Daniel Bryan cashing in on Taker at mania??? After the classics the last 3 manias in the “streak” match, to have him lose in “opportunist” fashion?? Nooo way. If Taker loses, it should be to someone he’s passing the Torch to. I can only think of Ortan & Punk.

    • Da KiDD

      CAN WE STOP THIS "PASSING THE TORCH" BULLSH*T DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Rock loses to Cena or if Taker were to lose to Cena…none of those scenarios would be passing any frickin torch. Cena has been in the game since 2002, and has had more title reigns than the Rock and Taker. This wouldn't be any damn passin the torch man. Cut that crap out. It'd just be a monumental match with two big names (in either scenario), that's it. Enjoy it for what it will be…stop reaching.

      • Robert

        The match is dumb and will prob make a sandwich while i wait for daniel bryan v cm punk for wwe title u better do cena rock first if not it will kill cena rock match

        • Da KiDD

          What kind of sandwich?

          • Supersmark

            Agreed. Tell us more about the sandwich.

  • @RatedMKD

    I was actually thinking about Jack Swagger's spot about 15 minutes before I checked this edition of Ask WNW. Well, more specifically, I was thinking about the individual members of this year's traditional Survivor Series match. I considered Swagger, Kofi, Sin Cara and Hunico (possibly Mason Ryan too) to all be in the same position of being featured enough on TV to warrant a spot in the match, yet not being specifically pushed, and thus didn't need to be protected the way Sheamus, Barrett, Rhodes and Ziggler did. Basically, I reckon that these four or five guys have a relatively decent spot on the card. They're not being pushed, but if they were being buried, they would've looked out of place in the match. I doubt either of them would turn down a bigger role in the company, but they're far better off than your Tyson Kidds, Trent Barretas, etc.

    In regards to the Roode heel turn: I was strongly opposed to how it played out. Roode was my personal choice to win the Bound For Glory series from day one, although I figured that if new blood was going to be elevated, it was more likely to be Crimson (very thankful to have been wrong on that one). I reckon Roode should've had a respectably long run as a face World Champion before losing the title to Storm. Then give Storm a decent reign and slowly tease a Roode heel turn, before pulling the trigger and strapping him.

    Honestly, I haven't watched an episode of Impact Wrestling since Bound For Glory. I've checked out a few clips here and there on YouTube, but I'm simply not bothered watching full episodes anymore. In that regard, TNA could not have dropped the ball anymore in making my current favourite on their roster the World Champion. That said, I have enjoyed the heel Roode segments I've seen. They slipped up, but at least they slipped up with such a versatile talent who can make the best of a bad situation and probably come out smelling like roses.

  • SSB

    I see Taker being the one to stop mark henry for good. I would have Taker win the Royal Rumble to challenge Mark in a Career match. Taker beats Mark, extending the streak to 20-0, but D Bryan comes out and successfully cashes in his Money In The Bank.

  • BigMike18

    I don’t see Undertaker facing for the World title b/c of his health issues & why have Taker lose at WrestleMania when he’s undefeated there that would just ruin his legacy

  • Jaryd

    The problem with Bischoff and Hogan is they seem to think that surprising people is the best way to draw in wrestling even if it makes absolutely no sense.

    • Alex

      The biggest problem with this two idiots is that they believe in the theory that "No publicity is bad publicity", since anytime they do something really humiliating such as the Jeff Hardy incident at Victory Road it gets them on the news and gets more people talking about them then even more than WWE (which is super rare). If anything, TNA might just prove to be the rare exception to this rule.

  • stoney

    Roode is a born heel, Storm is the typical southern hospitality cowboy that is lovable he can work well as a face and a heel

  • Jim P.

    I agree that there's just no, sufficient pay-off for breaking Taker's streak. If you want to give a young guy a rub, it's enough just to give him the match, really.

  • jonathon212

    Richard, i respect your opinion very much,but i have to disagree with you about Roode. I am not saying that it was booked great because it wasn't and it happened too quickly to be fully believable. With that being said though, Roode has been great since he turned heel and the best thing about tna besides for storm . I don't understand how you could say his heel run hasn't been good so far.

    Just because hogan and bischoff were behind the idea. doesn't make it a bad one. i don't like them and i think they've generally done way more harm then good but i think they made the right call about this . Roode is better as a heel and is actually generating boos in the Impact Zone which is almost impossible.

    As a journalist, try to stay unbiased when your giving an opinion because this one obviously was coming out of your distaste for hogan and bischoff more then an opinion of how Roode has been booked since turning heel.

  • Lee

    Come on zack ryder woo woo !

    • Matt scott

      You missed a woo

  • Kevin

    I don’t see WWE ever letting Taker lose a Wrestlemania match. Even if it’s his last match, which traditionally the retiring wrestler loses. I do see a masked Kane being the Taker’s final opponent. But I think that the Taker’s claim to fame will be the only wrestler to never lose at Wrestlemania, much like Ric Flair’s is being a 16 time champion. I can see them letting Kane be the one to stop Henry, then wrestling Taker at ‘Mania and dropping the belt to him. Then Taker makes television appearances to promo a rematch with Kane, maybe even wrestling once or twice on tv. Taker keeps the belt until the next PPV, or perhaps the one after that, then drops it to Kane and retires. They could build it up by having Kane push Taker until he finally agrees to wrestle Kane for the belt and announces that if Kane can beat him, he’ll quit wrestling. Taker is my favorite, but it’s time for him to retire. To paraphrase Danny Glover, “Taker’s getting too old for this crap.”

  • Sebastian

    TNA is just the worst of WCW reborn right? Seems that way at the moment, shame because they have some awesome talent working for them that probably Not getting used properly. The whole situation regarding Roode, Storm & Angle just stank, it's bad TV & what seems like, non-sensical story-telling, makes no sense!

  • Andrew

    The “passing of the torch” doesn’t happen ever year. It defines a wrestler and cements his legacy. John Cena needs to win at Mania. Noone gives Cena his respect. He has had some classic matches. When its time to step up he does but noone gives him respect. Once again I’m not a Cena fan, but the WWE is building this match as a Generation vs Generation match so you damn right its a “passing of the torch” moment. The Rock is not a full-time wrestler. There is no reason he should go over the face of the WWE if he’s not a full timer. If Cena goes over, it means more. It cements his legacy and fans like you and I HAVE to respect that.

  • Andrew

    The whole having Bryan cash in on Taker is just stupid. He wouldn’t get respect for that

  • Joe

    I totally agree with you man I hate cena but I hate more of the fact that rock is only gonna wrestle that match and then what making more crappy Disney movies…..I’d love rock to win but if he not full time then no generation vs generation is to pass the torch just like when it was rock vs hogan