Jack Swagger Set For DUI Trial In Gulfport

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Jack Swagger, whose real name is Jake Hager, is set for trial in Gulfport, Mississippi on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 on the misdemeanor charge of Driving Under the Influence.

Swagger was arrested after the February 19th WWE Smackdown taping from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi when he was stopped by police for speeding.  The officer determined Swagger was driving under the influence and searched his vehicle. Marijuana was found and he was arrested by local sheriff’s deputies but later released on his own recognizance.

He was charged with DUI, possession of marijuana and speeding.  Alcohol was not a factor.

Swagger had just left the venue after taping his segments that aired on the February 22nd episode of Smackdown when police stopped him in a 2013 Ford Taurus for speeding.  Swagger was able to clear the charges of marijuana possession and speeding by paying respective fines of $437 and $188, however, the charge of DUI requires him to appear before a judge in addition to a $1300 fine.  Swagger's plea date was March 12, 2013 but postponed until April 9, 2013.

WWE has been eerily quiet regarding Swagger's arrest just over 48 hours after putting him over at the Elimination Champion pay-per-view, assuring him a World title shot at Wrestlemania 29.  Swagger went under to Alberto Del Rio at the show last Sunday.  The company's lone statement regarding the arrest was as follows:

“Mr. Swagger is responsible for his own personal actions.”

SunHerald.com first broke the story of a DUI trial at this link.

  • Are we having a contest to see who can have their court case delayed the longest between Swagger and Jeff Hardy?

    • Here’s how I understand it. They’re fighting the DUI charge and have requested a trial. A judge will hear his defense then determine whether or not he was indeed Driving Under the Influence. It’s going to be difficult to prove as this isn’t a DUI arrest involving alcohol where a breathalyzer test was administered.

      The arresting officer felt Swagger was too baked to be driving. It’s his word versus Swagger. The way WWE is looking at it is “innocent until proven guilty.”

      • Richard what is the worst case scenario if found guilty in a trial?

        • It depends on if they did a blood or urine test to prove that he was under the influence. Due to the fact he was assumed to be under the influence of marijuana, MS requires that one of the two be done. In MS, on a first offense, a defendant will face a fine of between $250 and $1,000, up to 48 hours in jail, or both. The judge may order participation in a victim impact panel program in lieu of jail time. Defendants will also face at least 90 days of license suspension, and mandatory participation in an alcohol or drug safety education program.

      • Steve

        He will get off based on the fact the cop most likely didn’t have probable cause to pull him over. Unless he was showing signs of a DUI or had a reason to be pulled over, then the cop profiles him. Just because he took a breathalyzer and it was positive doesn’t mean the cop had probable reasoning for the situation.

        • Razmos

          He didnt do a breathalyzer, read the article….NO ALCOHOL involved

  • Dangerous Lee

    His finisher used to be called the HagerMeister. How ironic…

  • JohnnyJohnson

    I live 10 minutes from Gulport. Should see if I could get an autograph lol.

  • Streamz

    Is anyone else imagining Zeb Colter as Swagger’s lawyer delivering an impassioned speech about what’s wrong with America to get him off the hook?

    • Smart Mark

      Hahahaha that was a good one bro, keep coming with the awesome jokes man you are really entertaining everyone on this site and definitely not wasting anyone’s time. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • He should have zebtalk for him