Jack Swagger Returning To WWE TV, Jerry Lawler Back On Raw, CM Punk vs. Ryback

- To update on Jack Swagger I'm told he did indeed ask for his release last week. Vince McMahon is reportedly high up on him and talked him out of it. The plan is to put a repackaged Swagger back on television.

- As previously confirmed on WWE Raw, Jerry Lawler is scheduled to return to commentary on the November 12th episode from Columbus, Ohio.

- Speaking of which, Wrestling News World reader Brian Lozer sent word the advertised dark match main event for Raw in Columbus is advertised as WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Ryback.

  • Adamtrace

    Looking at the pics online swaggers new look is like a young regal a bit….

  • Fernando

    Jack Swagger (going the distance) has the potential to be WWE's next Kurt Angle. He has to polish his mic work, though.

  • PainOfDemise

    Vince is high up on Swagger? So that's why Swagger has basically been a jobber and enhancement talent to everyone else for awhile now…

    • H.M.

      Wait and see what happens with Swagger right now before dismissing it altogether.

  • Kevin

    I just wanna know one thing: Now that Linda is NOT in the Senate, will Vince finally put the R back in Raw? This PG crap is for the birds.

  • Swagger has served as Sheamus personal punching bag