Jack Swagger Leaving WWE Or Debuting New Look?

While we heard last week Jack Swagger requested his release from WWE, we can confirm he's with WWE in England. Not only that but he's grown a beard and re-styled his hair. A new photo of Swagger is included below:

  • Ellen

    I guess new look, new skills, new Thwagger!

    • Tone

      LOL! Exactly!

  • Chris

    I hope they give him a more serious persona that’ll compliment his wrestling abilities. Kinda like how WWE did to Angle with the wrestling machine gimmick.

  • Terra Ryzing

    Definite improvement from the comb over

  • Mark3man

    Has he gone to the same stylist as Miz.

  • Fernando

    Wasn't Swagger supposed to turn face and be WWE's next American patriot?

    • Ger

      Wasn't Swagger supposed to be good?

  • bettysteve

    wonder how much longer he is in the doghouse for? l kinda feel for him being buried for so long.

  • Growing a beard upon return seems to be the WWE policy.

  • Stoney

    He had everything to be a big name in the WWE, but he had a stupid gimmick. Why would you give a world heavyweight championship a character with a lisp?

    • Jay

      Maybe he actually has a lisp

  • rkodmr

    They better not release him steviebreech would be pissed.

  • rich


  • Wow Jack swaggers new look it looks good on him he now needs to win the united states championship belt or some title he needs a push.

  • gpturbo81

    anything but the all american douchebag

  • Kevin

    His new look kind of makes him look like the HHH of old, at least in that picture.