Jack Swagger Merch, Stephanie McMahon Supports Gay Marriage

- WWE released a "We The People" t-shirt for Jack Swagger at this link.

- Stephanie McMahon wrote the following on Twitter:

This is great coming from a McMahon. Equal rights for all!

  • I’m against gay marriage, and I think we that feel this way are being cowered into accepted gay marriage. The media is helping this along by constantly pressuring anyone against gay marriage to be accepting of it by claiming anyone against it is a bigot or on the wrong side of history. My feeling is this: if gay marriage advocates, the president, democrats, and the media are so confident that the country is in favor of gay marriage then why not put gay marriage to a National Vote at the 2014 mid term elections? If Gay Marriage was voted in by the people I know I would accept it and many against gay marriage would have enough to proof to accept it. If gay marriage, striking down DOMA, prop 8 gets struck down through the courts/legislation it will just divide the country more than it is.

    The reason I’m guessing that gay marriage advocates don’t want to put gay marriage to a national vote is fear that it will be voted against. This is because the very group of voters that Democrats hold near and dear (Blacks and Hispanics) are the ones that will most likely vote against gay marriage. This is what happened with prop 8 in California.

    I’m all for accepting gay marriage IF its wins in a national vote. But until then I will be against it and every time I see people getting bullied into accepting it that will keep me more against it.

    While we are on the subject of gay marriage keep this in mind. The media is constantly ridiculing Christians and Catholics about their views on gay marriage. But what does the media say about how Muslims treat gays? The media is very sympathetic/supportive of Muslims yet are dead silent on how they treat gays in their countries (or even here in the US in Muslims communities). Those in the US that are against Gay Marriage still maintain a civil relationship with gays/lesbians. Do you know what happens to gays in the Middle East? They get murdered by being hung to their death. Where is the media outrage for that? The president has good ties with the Muslim leadership overseas and in the US, he gives $500 Million to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, but has he ever once condemned a gay individual being brutally murdered in the middle east for being gay? No. Obama took a trip to the Middle East — he could have found time to voice his opinion on gay rights in the Middle East if he had guts. Yet, he and his buddies in the media will find time to ridicule people here in the US who want to keep DOMA. When gay rights advocates in this country have the will to fight for Equal Rights for everyone in the world maybe then I’ll be for gay marriage.

    • PegLeg1069

      California is the most liberal state in the country and they voted to ban same sex marriage (Prop. 8). The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals struck the vote down. They’re basically telling us that what the majority wants does not matter. There’s no point in voting on this in a national election when a vocal minority can have the results thrown out. I hate it, but that’s the way it seems to be now.

      • opie

        Part of the beauty of our political system is the balance between majority rules and minority rights. That’s exactly why we have public officials. If the majority were allowed to make all the decisions all the time, our country would be in bad shape, and that’s exactly why the founding fathers built a democratic republic rather than a pure democracy.

  • kellon

    no to faggots

    • Don’t say it like that. If you talk like this they will just ridicule you. Don’t think of it as being against gay marriage — think of it more as being for traditional marriage.

  • budgie

    I live in a country where gay marriage has been legal since 2006. Does it affect me? No; therefore is it any of my business? No. It’s 2013, let people do what they WANT to do.

    • Yeah but is the issue of gay rights/marriage demagogued in your country the way it is by politicians here in the US? No. Even if we make gay marriage legal in all 50 states (or 57 states according to Barack Obama — moron!) do you think Democrats/Liberals will leave the issue alone? Of course not, they will say that their Republican opponent is only for gay marriage because they “have” to be for it.

      • budgie

        dude, I don’t even follow my own country’s politics never mind yours. I just live by the motto, live and let live.

        edit: the biggest opposer’s to gay marriage was the catholic church, but we all know how corrupted they are.

  • sdc10

    50 % of marriages in this country end in divorce. Assuming that statistic also applies to homosexual couples then it blows my mind that homosexual couples still have to fight for the right for a 50% chance of being happy. Its 2013, people should have the right to love and marry whoever they want to without other people budding in. Eveyone is quick to introduce these bills such as Prop 8.Image if we were able to vote on whether or not heterosexual couples were allowed to get married. Sound pretty ridiculous doesnt it? I say the day where I can vote on heterosexual marriages and whether or not I want them to happen is the same day Ill support things like Prop 8. Put yourself in their shoes. Why is it fair to vote on one thing and not the other? Its complete nonesense to deny other people rights just because “you” disagree with them. Whats makes you so damn important to be able to do that?