Jack Swagger Must Appear Before A Judge On DUI Charge

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Jack Swagger could mail in or pay his fines online if he doesn't contest the speeding ticket and a marijuana possession he was issued in Gulfport on Tuesday. However, he is required to appear before a judge on the charge of driving under the influence. All three are misdemeanor charges.

The Sun Herald has a new article online detailing his plea date of March 12, 2013, featuring quotes from yours truly. You can read it at this link.

  • Congrats Richard! I’ve been telling people about you for quite some time.

  • Logan walker

    The header should be “Jack Swagger to appear before Richard gray the judge”. Lmao

    • I’m not a judge, I’m a writer. What do you mean?

      • Logan Walker

        It was a joke. Not trolling. More like an inside joke I should say.

      • Bigelowsidemoonsault

        I think he means you judge a lot of the wrestlers most of the time . You are not really impartial .. Most of your ” Richard reacts ” are negative towards someone or something

        • If you don’t like me, why are you here? smh

  • Bigelowsidemoonsault

    Jerk swagger !!!… On another note , this rich grey backlash is hilarious .. Keep it up folks

    • What are you talking about? I’m praising him for getting quoted in the newspaper. I’ve been telling people on forums about WNW for months now.

      • Bigelowsidemoonsault

        Rich has been getting a lot of heat recently from the wnw readers

      • Bigelowsidemoonsault

        Rich has been getting a lot of heat from the wnw readers recently

      • Cfmsu93

        I’m not talking about Richard, he’s great and I’m happy for him. I’m talking about when news or talk show hosts talk about WWE its obvious they don’t know anything about wrestling. Be it the political shows bashing the Zeb Colter storyline or this news site saying Jack Swagger was EWC champion instead of ECW.

  • Dustyn

    March 12, a Tuesday. Guessing he won’t be at the tapings. I wonder what WWE will give as his reason for not being on SD?

    • He and Zeb could shoot another video to air.

      • Dustyn


  • Michael

    EWC champion really they couldn’t get ECW correct. If I were Swagger I wouldn’t fight the charges I’d pay the fines and try to get this story over as soon as possible. If I were him I’d be more angry because I was so impaired I went a mere ten miles over the speed limit. Either way looking at all of the fines he’s about to be hit with he needs that wrestlemania bonus more then anybody else right now. Oh congrats on being covered Richard it’s about damn time that a true wrestling writer gets credit and not some copy cat website. Wnw 4 life!

  • Cfmsu93

    It’s so funny when newspapers, news shows, talk shows, etc. talk about WWE because its easy to tell they don’t even watch it, or have any idea about wrestling.

  • Cfmsu93

    Congrats Richard for running such a great reliable website. This proves that because this site is actually quotable. You actually verify stories before running them, unlike other sites who steal stories that more then likely aren’t true in the first place.