Jack Swagger Says He Was Born To Be The United States Champion

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Caller.com has a new article online featuring quotes from Jack Swagger where he promotes Monday's WWE Raw Supershow in Corpus Christi, Texas. Below is an excerpt:

"You're definitely going to see an evolution of the All-American American," Swagger said. "I'm not going to be satisfied until Jack Swagger is back at the top of the mountain."

"The All-American American was born to be the United States Champion," he said. "(Ryder's) really molded himself into championship material to cool off his momentum is going to be kind of tough. I'm going to get in there and throw my weight around a little bit and show him how to wrestle."

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Owen

    Swagger, you were born to job.

    • Maze

      its true, its damn true..lol

  • Matt Scott

    Is he in character or just got lower goals than the rest of the roster.

    • Andy

      Maybe trying to add value to the US strap by hyping it up a little?
      Won't work if he is…

  • christopher525

    It almost seems sort of like a face turn. He's actually giving Ryder credit, not bashing him like a heel. Interesting.

  • The Breaker

    When was the last time Swagger won a match on Smackdown?

    • Matt Scott

      Probably before his draft to RAW?

  • Bault16

    He says I’ll show him how to wrestle, so I’d say he’s still a heel.

  • Zach

    OMG I hope swagger tries out for the Olympic USA team and wrestle so he would be with angle lol

  • ease9310

    Jack Swagger was born to be the U.S Champion,because he's from America,and his nickname is the All-American,American!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DanBo7o7

    Since when was being the US Champ "Top of the Mountain?" lol. More like Top of the Hill

  • Jimbo

    Shouldn't he say he was born to be World Heavyweight Champion…..again?

  • rob

    ughh why is jack swagger even with wwe the guy sucks, hes soooo boring , has no mic skills, no personality. hes awful at everything not to mention hes so arrogant n cocky and thinks hes the best wrestler ever, sorry you stink n yeah when has he won a match on smackdown?? cant stand him hes more boring then del rio but at least del rio isnt annoying and full of himself, i just wish wwe would release this guy alrready i fast forward every time swagger is on tv ….get rid of him ,,, ziggler is a great wrestler and i love watching him cause hes great in the ring on the mic too, ima huge cm punk fan n like this feud cause they both can WRESTLE, id like to see punk vs bryan like roh when punk and bryan wrestled 3 60 min matches would be epic, can only dream tho cuz it wont happen, i just want the old wwe back wrestling and no more tv pg crap, they wonder y there ratings continually dip