Jack Swagger Smoked Marijuana Prior To Leaving WWE TV Taping, More Details On February Arrest

More details about Jack Swagger's February 19, 2013 arrest emerged at Tuesday's DUI trial in Gulfport Municipal Court in Gulfport, MS on Tuesday. Below are the highlights of the arrest:

Swagger did not testify but admitted at the scene he smoked marijuana prior to leaving the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi where WWE taped Smackdown.

"I know I (expletive)-ed up," Swagger told the arresting officer. "I apologize, man."

DUI officer Louis Garcia testified that Swagger handed him his credit card when he asked for his driver's license. Garcia smelled burned marijuana and observed Swagger's speech was slow and his eyes bloodshot and watery. He was cooperative but nervous and talkative.

Swagger failed a field sobriety test where he was asked to "walk and turn" while counting and a one-leg stand, also while counting.

"It was probably by far one of the worst I've ever seen as a DUI officer for under the influence of marijuana," Garcia said.

Swagger's defense argued blood was not drawn for a toxicology test, the only way to confirm if THC was in his system.

The officer said Swagger had already admitted to smoking marijuana and he wasn't going to put him through any more embarrassment.

After finding Swagger guilty, Judge Felicia Dunn-Burkes suspended a two-day jail sentence for six months of good behavior, but fined him $1,000 plus $300 in court costs for the DUI conviction. He was also fined $198 for speeding and ordered to attend an alcohol-safety education class and a victim-impact class. He can get his driver's license back in 90 days if he completes the classes, instead of a year.

Swagger's attorney plans to file an appeal in county court.

Robin Fitzgerald covered the story throughout the day and has more here at SunHerald.com.

  • Charlie Lowery

    that’s why cm punk is the best in the world.

    • Smart Mark

      Lol, what does that have to do with this article?

      • Jesse Sherwood

        It’s the straight edge lifestyle. Straight Edge means he’s better than you!

        • Smart Mark


  • Jerk

    On top of his fines, WWE should wish him well in his future endevours.

  • sir-rusty82

    I remember Richard saying in his interview on Smackdown that night his eyes looked glazed & now it comes out he smoked prior to leaving………… hmmm wonder if he smoked before going on tv. WWE should def wish him well in his future endevours or what kind of example are they giving to the young fans

  • Jesse Sherwood

    If there hasn’t been enough of a reason to fire him, this conviction should be. The wellness policy clearly states the following: “Any WWE Talent, who is arrested, convicted or who admits to a violation of law relating to use, possession, purchase, sale or distribution of drugs will be in material breach of his/her contract with WWE and subject to immediate dismissal.” He not only confessed to the arresting officer, but he was found guilty. WWE needs to make an example of him.

    • jdl

      Last I checked pot was not on the list of substances that would get you terminated for using, and Swagger was found not guilty of possession. Therefore that clause of the wellness policy does not apply. He lost the push he worked so hard and waited so long to get, he’s been punished enough. Don’t advocate taking his livelihood away from him entirely.

      • Jesse Sherwood

        The Wellness Policy quoted above is for any drug charge, including marijuana as it is an illegal drug. The possession charge may have been dropped, but he still confessed to the officer of use. Thus, Article 14 still stands for him.

        • Kris Mystery

          It says he will be subject to immediate dismissal… that doesn’t mean he will automatically be dismissed… Just that it’s a punishment he could face.

        • Hardy

          But it’s not illegal to use in all states? So what do you do? I personally think he should be sacked, I hate to say this but he is a role model. Plus he could of killed someone whilst under the influence, seems enough to get rid of him. I’m sure it won’t long before wwe say something, probably just waiting to hear if he was found guilty.

        • jdl

          No it doesn’t. Testing positive for pot is a fine, not termination in WWE. It’s a ridiculous fine, but he would not be fired. Firing him for this would be the same as firing someone for driving drunk. He was not arrested for using a drug that is against the WWE wellness policy.

    • Patrick Steele

      WWE doesn’t fire people for pot. It’s listed on the wellness policy along with and treated the same as alcohol.

      • Jesse Sherwood

        For all other purposes, it is. However, in the case of a criminal offense, marijuana is the same as any other illicit substance.

  • Chris

    Why does he have to take an alcohol safety course if he was busted for weed??? The justice system makes no sense sometimes!!!

  • H.M

    Honestly, I’d have no issue if they did release him. WWE wouldn’t really have lost anything lol. I know, sounds harsh, but hey, he’s had his chances.

  • Nostaljack

    Not a very family-friendly thing to do, is it, Swaggles? Let’s see: He can’t talk, he’s no longer anywhere near the best worker on the roster, he’s not reliable, he’s reckless, his attitude’s bad, and he’s a weed high nightmare…hmm…yeah, he can go now.

  • Tony_23

    What I don’t get, he’s found guilty and has openly admitted it. Even if WWE don’t fire him, surely he’ll be suspended for 30 days as it’s a wellness policy violation ? And yet he’s been announced as in the smackdown MITB ladder match in 2 1/2 weeks.

  • Andy Williams

    I can’t believe that they haven’t at least suspended him for it! I know it’s not a highly illegal drug but it’s still drugs. $1300 isn’t much compared to what he is probably earning