Jack Swagger Meets With Vince McMahon Over WWE Status

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Despite Jack Swaggger's wife Catalina denying that her husband requested his release from WWE [on Twitter], I'm told Vince McMahon met with Swagger Monday at the WWE Raw taping in Birmingham, England. Vince expressed his desire for Swagger to remain on the roster and agreed to bring him back to TV.

While I didn't hear an official on-air return date, Swagger just worked a dark match at Tuesday's Smackdown taping in Birmingham.

  • Faktorek

    He is ugly.

    • mathew30

      are you really that self conscious that you need to try belittle somebody else?

  • pat

    ur one to talk talkin about a person u never met b4

    • mathew30

      in fact mine was a question of themselves over their treatment to another. i have not attempting to try be little anybody but instead put them in their place by making a point. meeting somebody or not, really doesn't have any leverage on this situation.

      • Chip Walker

        Girls girls lets settle down, this is a wrestling website not a beauty parlor.

  • SDD619

    Ugly or not. Hell of a wrestler

  • Miles

    Let him be himself

  • Matt

    I've always loved his look and in ring work but his mic skills are just horrible.

  • Ellen

    Oh Great! Another snoozer returns. Creative, please, please, please find something decent in the way of storylines for the WWE Universe! You're killing us with boredom.

  • kvb

    I wonder if he can loose the lisp he has, then he will be a smoother talker!!

  • Longtalltex

    He needs a new look. That "DO" has to go and maybe a beard might help. He has good in-ring skills, but he's as boring as hell. If he is to survive in the WWE higher than a jobber, he had better get a good storyline and quick. He's not one of my favorites. He should study Bobby Roode in the TNA and learn to be a better heel.