Where Was Jack Swagger?, Raw Getting A New Start Time, Big Distribution Deal Signed, Meet Renee Young

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- The new-looked Jack Swagger was backstage at Survivor Series on Sunday night.

WWE Raw will air on a 15-minute delay on The Score in Canada starting on Monday, December 10th. There is a countdown show that will air at 8 PM.

- WWE and FremantleMedia Enterprises announced a new distribution agreement for the exclusive home entertainment rights to WWE’s catalogue of programming across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Click here for more.

- Renee Paquette is working under the WWE name of Renee Young. We noted earlier she worked the Survivor Series hype show alongside Scott Stanford.

  • Jay

    Why does Renee have to have a different name if she isn’t actually on any main WWE shows? In my opinion her original name was a lot catchier then Young…

    • dusty588

      I agree 100%

    • _JIM_

      WWE wants to copyright and own everything that they are associated with and they can't own a name she used prior unless she let's them.

    • More American name

  • Ray

    Oh great. Raw is 3 hours now a 15 min countdown show + the extra 15 to 20 min over run time after the third hour. Plus if we miss anything we can’t catch the rest on Hulu because it’s only in the states. I love wrestling but Richard said it right. Viewer fatigue sets in after 2 hours. I work evening shifts and Raw is on till almost 4 am for the re

  • Dunstan

    Finally, 3 hours AND having to watch until midnight was getting exhausting

  • John

    It took WWE until CM Punk threatened to quit the company before they realised just how much talent he had.. I really hope they have the same mindset with Jack Swagger. He is the best wrestler in the company and deserves to be a main event talent.

  • Smelly Feet Fetish

    dvr it and watch it the next day. if you don't have a dvr or no other way of watching it online, you can't blame WWE.