Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter Break Kayfabe In Address To Glenn Beck

In response to the controversy involving political commentator Glenn Beck, the official WWE YouTube channel has uploaded a video in which Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter break kayfabe in order to address Beck directly. Swagger and Colter introduce themselves by their real names: Jake Hager and Wayne Keown, and explain the nature of kayfabe. The breaking of character is being promoted on the official WWE Twitter page as well. The video is embedded below:

Richard Reacts: Excellent, outstanding and awesome. Get em Dutch!

  • Andrew Ace

    Wow Zeb Colter is a really good speaker

  • D_gilbert88

    A great promo there, really hope this zeb colter/swagger thing goes a lot further!

  • Chris

    That was awesome.

  • IlyasG

    This promo will not dethrone Jim Cornette’s mighty response to Phil Mushnick in ’97 but it is definitely up there. Good job Keown/Colter

  • Daarko

    I don’t like it when kayfabe is broken like this, USUALLY. However, this was really, really awesome and very important. Really good job!

  • Dave

    awesome jobs fellas. This type of kayfabe being broken was necessary to address some real world drama. This is the type of promo i enjoy because we can really get a sense of the characters and how different from real life they are. It’s a shame Hager got arrested. If his push is derailed because of it, then…it would suck.

    • Cfmsu93

      I hope they just put Colter with someone else and continue the storyline, anyone could be better than Jack Swagger.

      • David F.

        maybe someone like Tyson Kidd could benefit from having Zeb as a manager or Joe Hening

        • Cfmsu93

          Joe Hening would be great for this I agree. I also thought of Cesaro because of his anti American gimmick but the fact that he’s not from America would be the problem, the same for Tyson Kidd.

  • Dustyn

    Zeb Colter FTW!

  • thebops

    Despite the fact that I don’t particularly like this storyline (only because it labels conservatives as racist bigots), this video from Jake Hager and Wayne Keown was VERY well done.
    I get kayfabe and normally don’t have an issue with it. I loved the way Zeb was able to explain that rationally and articulately.
    But, again, my only problem with this storyline is that I HIGHLY doubt a liberal opinion would be exagerated, painted as evil, and assigned to a heal the way this conservative opinion has.

    • RJR

      You doubt a liberal opinion would be exaggerated, painted as evil and assigned to a heel? How quickly we forget the awful Billy, Chuck & Rico storyline.

      • thebops

        I don’t really think this is the same thing. Swagger and Coulter, as well as their opinions, as being exagerated as racist. The silly Gay Rights angle didn’t paint supporters of gay rights as evil. It was a stupid gimick but I don’t think it made anyone out to be evil. Keep in mind also that a large percentage of WWE fans happen to be conservative. Look at one of our biggest events – Salute to the Troops. I think a lot of people who support our military also support securing our borders and do not like illegal immigration. It is stunning to me that WWE would try to paint these people as racist bigots. I, for one, am insulted by it.

        • RJR

          Okay, that’s fine. I can agree that the two aren’t necessarily the same thing.

          However, to be personally insulted by it means that you aren’t getting what Glenn Beck also didn’t get: it is a show. It is characters being portrayed for entertainment purposes.

          To be personally offended by Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger is to be personally offended by any antagonist on any television show ever. (Sawyer from LOST, Merle from The Walking Dead, Sylar from Heroes, etc.) If you’re taking it personally, then, to coin a phrase made famous by the internet: you’re doing it wrong.

          • thebops

            Frankly, I DO get offended by some character portrayals in movies or on television. When it is lazily done, like I think the Swagger/Coulter angle has been, I am a little insulted. I know kayfabe is necessary, I agree we need it, but I think there is a line. And I think one has been crossed here. WWE is characterizing many of it’s own fans in a negative way with this storyline. Going back about 20 years, I think WWF crossed a line with the Sgt. Slaughter Iraq Defection angle. That didn’t alienate any group of our fans the way Swagger/Coulter is, but I found it to be going over the line. I didn’t like the Billy & Chuck angle either. All three of these storylines I disliked for different reasons, but I felt each one crossed a line.

          • sir-rusty82

            When they cross the line it gets people talking about it so gets other people listening then start watching it so thet get more fans, WWE does it all the time if you dont like it and there material offends you that much stop watching it. Like Cm Punk says your just a puppet

          • thebops

            My point is, I likely WILL stop watching if storylines continue down this road. I don’t want that, and I would hope WWE doesn’t want that. I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I may be a minority, but I do exist. – I am not a “puppet”, just the opposite actually. I’m thinking on my own and voicing my opinion that is not in tune with WWE’s line of thinking. If I were saying that I hate Swagger and Coulter for they way they think, that would make me a puppet. I am disagreeing with the way they are being portrayed, that makes me a critic of WWE writing.

          • sir-rusty82

            I take it you have not been watching it for long they have been doing far worse than this and I dont think Vince cares about the majority of people let alone the few minority people olut there. Its a story based on truth it might not be what you like but you cant deny that this is happening in real life has been for ever and it will always be in our life so why shouldnt they make something off it

          • thebops

            Actually, I’ve been watching since the 80s. I guess this one just struck a nerve because I see it as bashing a group I feel I, and a lot of WWE fans, are a part of. It is short-sighted and lazy writing.

          • sir-rusty82

            Yeh fare enough it was meant to make you angry means that the heels are doing there job

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  • That’s an amazing kayfabe and real promo. Glad WWE showed it. I’m a conservative and Glenn Beck is out of touch with reality and an embarrassment