Jack Swagger's Pot Smoking Past, Partying On Saturday Night

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We're told Jack Swagger smoking marijuana is not news to the WWE office.

Sources indicate Swagger has tested positive for grass before and had the fine deducted from his downside guarantee. He even had push once derailed due to positive tests that also carried behavioral issues. Under the WWE Wellness Policy (section 15B), a positive test for marijuana carries a $2500 fine but no suspension, strike or public acknowledgement.

Perhaps what will come back to haunt Swagger is the timing of his most recent arrest. According to the arrest report, Swagger was arrested just over an hour after this week's Smackdown taping had ended.

In the case of "regrettable" Tweets, he posted the following the night before winning the WWE Elimination Chamber match:

On the same night, his wife, Catalina Hager, Tweeted the following:

While the proclamation of "partying" might not have meant much at the time, it appears to be pretty damning in light of his arrest for driving under the influence in possession of marijuana.

  • ed allwood

    hey man, its what a real american american would do…

  • Chris

    Got to be honest, I’m starting to think that he wasn’t driving under the influence of weed. For one, I know many a stoner and not a damn one has ever been known to speed after having toked up, they’re more inclined to creep down the highway while THINKING they’re speeding. Also, in the world of drugs, “party” tends to be code for cocaine usage. If this is this case, he’s likely done for, and I wouldn’t blame Vince in the least for firing him. Again, my question is who you give his gimmick to, it’s got legs, now you need someone to take his place.

    • Andy

      interesting you say that about the coke because look at the pose his missus is making…

  • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

    At least now they can say that he’s not mocking the Tea Party…the Tea Party people I know here in Washington State are/were against marijuana legalization…

    • Xavier

      Good joke mark. Get some better material then come back to this site.

  • Winnipeg

    Some Wrestlers smoke tobacco which is proven to  be more harmful then marijuana…..& steroids….. 

    • Iamjohnnymcb

      Marijuana is just as harmful as a cigarette

      • Winnipeg

        Yes, natural tobacco

  • Dangerous Lee

    His wife is hot. That is all.

    • Iamjohnnymcb

      U know his wife made a sex tape with some dude

  • ed a.

    i though he was gone for a while cause the office said to work on that god awful lispth.
    anyway, they should just use it in the storyline. mix it like aditude did. make it real again..ok thats too much. but in the pic, is he bumping a line off his bicep? wow, he really is american.

    • Xavier

      How can you work on a lisp you idiot? Your born with it. You should be happy i dont come and slap the lisp out of your mouth.

      • Nostaljack

        I totally agree with you; there’s not a thing Swagger can do about the lisp, but do you have to be so incredibly rude?

        • Xavier

          Your can talk about being rude? you start arguments on this site for no reason whatsoever. And thanks to people stealing my username i had to change it from Pluto to JL to Xavier!

          • Guest

            I never did any of that.

          • Nostaljack

            Well than why don’t i just take your Username.

      • ed a.

        wow xavier…justht bwing it…lookths like thomeone elths haths a lithps altho….im just sayn..if your going to be on tv and act tough, you should thound it…not intimidated or convinced of swaggerths caracter. his work is great though. and you aint slapn shit…except your pecker. thithy.

      • John Palley

        Of course people are born with lisps. And then, because we understand how science and biology work, they can attend speech therapy classes to improve or even eliminate their lisp.


  • Bigelowsidemoonsault

    I agree with dangerous Lee

  • Xavier

    Who cares if he was arrested, what does that have to do with a scripted TV show? They’re better off just giving him the title at Mania to cover it up and continue his push. He’s alot better than Orton, Ziggler, Mark Henry and Sheamus and i dont want to see any of them at WM at all!!

    • Just saying

      Nobody wants to see you on this site at all!.. I guess we can’t always get what we want ..

      • Popped A Molly I’m Sweatin’


      • Xavier


        • Just saying

          Good comeback kid .. You must go to college.

      • Luke

        Amen x2

  • I think considering it is a show where young children watch & look up to the wrestlers they should fire him, & anyone else doing the same. That’s what a lil notarity does to an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No one ever OD’d off of pot so I still stand with Swagger WE THE PEOPLE

  • eskymi

    I will probably get flammed for this, but I sure hope it was cocaine and I hope that he is de-pushed or released. Can’t stand the guy…hate his gimmick, his voice, his wrestling. He is awful…he has no redeeming value. C Ya!

  • John Palley

    Swagger is a great example of today’s entitlement society. He was given everything, never had to work for his success, and now thinks that he is entitled to do anything he wants without consequence. Teach this spoiled child a lesson and fire his ass.