Jacob Novak Says He Was Released Due To Injury, Comments On Low Pay To Developmental Talent

WWE NXT Rookie Jacob Novak has resurfaced talking about how much WWE developmental workers are paid. Below is an excerpt from an interview he did with HawkeyeNews.net:

“Wrestlers get paid way less than people think,” he explained. “I started out making only 500 dollars a week for the FCW. It’s just kind of weird to have thousands and thousands of twitter followers, and to get fan mail daily, yet receive tiny paychecks.” Novak was always hoping for that next big break.

Novak noted he was released from WWE when it was indefinite how long rehabilitation from a hip injury would take. You can read the full interview at this link.

  • Johnny Hayder

    That’s called paying your dues Jacob! You can’t expect just to walk into the world of pro wrestling and right off the bat receive thousands of dollars! What a bloody tard! this is why when you break into wrestling you can’t ever think that this is what’s gonna pay your bills and put food on the table! Ya have to have a regular job when you brek in because if wrestling doesn’t work out, you still have that job to fall back on.

  • mathew30

    oh diddums only $500 a week, how ever will they survive. oh wait there are people without jobs, and i also remember back in the days when stone cold was doing shows when they only got paid $20 and eating raw potatoes. hes bitching about $500 a week. i think he needs to grow a pair and understand he was in a very lucky position and getting paid a bloody large sum of money compared to folks years before him.

  • Tex

    Making 500 per week is better than getting nothing. A lot of wrestlers on the independent circuit do it for nothing. He should be happy he got a paycheck.

  • AJG316

    I wonder if they will have Novak return once he recovers ???

    • mathew30

      well if they do, i can be sure he will be jobbing for a long time because of his comments.

  • aGirl

    Well said.

    Btw I didn't know their paychecks depend on how many followers on twiiter they have lol


    Agree with Johny got to pay your Dues! What a retard Jacob is. I’d do anything to be in that situation. Hope he gets future endeavoured!!

  • Aldo T

    There is a good amount of people that I know that kill themselves daily at a crap job and not even make that much per pay cycle.

    Honestly, wrestling isn't for the money, its for the entertainment of doing what you love.

    If he's one of those idiots that cares nothing more than a paycheck, then he needs to go back to college and take a damn corporate job.

    There is MANY people out there that would LOVE to be able to be in the squared circle and have the chance of a life time.

    I've lost a MAJOR part of respect for Jacob.

    Such a sad day when people aren't in this business for the enjoyment.