Jake Roberts Admits Slip Up At Accountability Crib

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Following the release of a video titled "When the Cat is Away…," that appeared to feature Jake Roberts falling off the wagon, Diamond Dallas Page has confirmed the unfortunate news.

The following statement was released along with a video:

The decision to release these videos was made after much consideration. There has been a tremendous flood of positive media coverage surrounding what happens at the Accountability Crib, and while many things that happen may be kept private, we cannot allow a false image to be portrayed.

As much as we hate seeing people fall, we still believe that anyone can make the decision to get back up. We're not a rehab center and we're still learning so much about addiction. We only are here to support our friends if they are willing to do the work necessary.

Please be patient as we are trying to condense hours of footage into a shorter format.

A Time for Accountability - Part I

  • Patrick

    I am not suprised he fell back into old habits.

    • K!NG

      Key word HABIT no one is faulting him for slipping up as long as he doesn’t become a habitual user again

      • Pauluk

        Agreed and he deserves some credit for how well he has done so far, addiction to any substance is so hard to overcome

  • Kris Mystery

    There is just no helping some people.

  • Nostaljack

    The last two comments reveal a total lack of understanding of addiction. The truth is that people fall off the wagon. If Robin Williams can do it after 20 years of sobriety, Jake can too. One slip up isn’t going to destroy him. Let’s just hope he can get back on track.

    • Phil D. Garrie

      Agreed. Another great example is Ozzy Osborne with his latest struggles. Some people may never beat the disease that is addiction but no one will beat it alone either so why ever give up on a person, it helps nobody and its kind of selfish too to not help those in need when they truly need the help.

  • 1molly23

    Addiction – whether it be to drugs, alcohol, or whatever – is a horrible horrible disease. It becomes a never-ending battle that only the addict can fight.

  • ohnowheredyougo

    Long as Scott Hall stays healthy, he had a twitter pic up of him and his son, he finally looks healthy again

  • Mitch D.

    Don’t give up on Jake. I know personally how tough it can be. I couldn’t begin to count the times I slipped, fell in the dirt and generally just screwed up. Almost everyone gave up on me, but I sit here today over nine years sober, healthy, happy, successful, and grateful for the life that I now have. You can do this Jake!