Jake Roberts Health Update - "Shut Up & Beat Pneumonia"

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Jake Roberts remains hospitalized in Las Vegas, Nevada as he battles double pneumonia. The news broke on Thursday afternoon that Roberts fell ill on a Wednesday flight from Atlanta to Vegas. Troubling updates suggested that he has been in and out of consciousness ever since and that he has fluid in his lungs in addition to a mass on his brain.

Roberts' good friend Sinn Bodhi -- formerly known as Kizarny in WWE -- has been with him at the hospital and Tweeted the following update on Thursday night:

This is the latest health scare for Jake Roberts, who also battled cancer earlier this year. He announced over the summer he was cancer free.

Richard Reacts: I'm obviously not a doctor but the immediate concern is the pneumonia. However, the bigger issue could be the mass on his brain as doctors will have to work to find out to find out if it is malignant. I certainly wish Jake the best.

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  • Ryan Khamram

    Best wishes to Jake and his family in their trying times.

  • Henry

    I’m no Doctor either, RIchard, but I am a nurse. Pneumonia means there is a serious underlying condition. It is always a sign of something else extremely very not good. It’s why the highest demographics with pneumonia are HIV/AIDS patients, Cancer patients and end of life patients. The mention of a mass on his brain. Lets hope it’s not a sub-dural or sub-arachnoid bleed because it would clot and require surgery to remove.