Jake Roberts Moving In With DDP To Train For Another Wrestling Run

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Josh Stewart from Newsday has a new article online reporting that Jake "The Snake" Roberts is moving in with Diamond Dallas Page on Monday to train for one more run in the wrestling business. Page said he called Roberts three months ago…

“And I told him, ‘If you can really do this -- and you have to prove it to me [by doing the program] for six or eight weeks,” Page said. “‘I’ll freakin’ get a place in Atlanta. I’ll bring you up, and we’ll continue this journey.’”

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  • Paul

    Not a great idea jake

  • Philip Thompson

    At 57-years-old and having not looked after his body, having filled it with various substances including a lot of drugs and a lot of alcohol – Jake Roberts is too late. He should have stayed sobre whilst he was at his prime. All he can do now is be a lesson for today's up-and-coming wrestlers on what not to do. He has been very candid and has openly spoken about his demons and he can do way more good with that side of things than with trying to wrestle. It's just sad when people who can't go anymore decide they need 'one more run' – they look worse and worse each time and it just destroys their legacy. The worst example of that is Ric Flair, another one who really did have it all and drank it away.

  • PFElton

    Yeah, not going to happen.

  • Nostaljack

    Ric Flair is the *perfect* example of why this is a really bad idea. Roberts has practically done himself in. His life and happiness are *far* more important than some new imagined "run". If Page can help him *finally* clean up and get a new lease on life, that would be amazing. I wish him well and truly hope he succeeds in being well.

    • Doug

      Flair is 5 years older than JTS and has a lot more wear on on his tires. Jake might succeed in spots if he can get his demons under control.

  • Chris

    Paul Heyman's summation of Jake Roberts in 'Beyond The Mat" was, in my view, very accurate. If he were to have another 'run', it should either be behind the scenes or maybe as a manager/handler. As far as in the ring, that ship has sailed…

  • _JIM_

    I wish him all the best, but does anybody else get the “Randy The Ram” feel from this? They both lived that rock and roll lifestyle for far too long and attempted runs at an let’s say experienced age. Yeah one was a movie character but there are a lot of comparisons that can be made. Let’s just hope this attempted run works out better for Jake. He was always one of my favorites while he was in WWE or WCW, and not because of the pet snake. His promos and ring work were phenominal. Plus the guy could work a crowd as well, if not better, than anyone. I do agree that if he could get his demons under control that he could be very useful in the creative area or as an agent helping young workers learn their chosen craft. I wish him luck.

    • jmedtp

      The Wrestler, was inspired by jake the snake.