Jake Roberts Says He & Ultimate Warrior Buried A Senseless Hatchet

Jake Roberts Tweeted the following about the death of Ultimate Warrior:

Roberts made a snide comment regarding Warrior after his 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction was announced in January. A comment Warrior fired back on via social social media.

Both Roberts and Warrior were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at the 2014 Induction Ceremony on Saturday.

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  • George

    Glad to know they reconciled


      And to do it right before this tragic event. Seems creepy. But glad they did. glad it took a HOF induction to Wrestling to get the ball rolling. ALWAYS BELIEVE

  • King A sshole

    Badass on their part, I can’t stand reading about all these greats hating each other for petty reasons.

  • Xavier

    Great too hear that they made peace. It’s really great too hear that Warrior made peace with Vince, HHH & Roberts before God called him home. Non sense in taking a senseless burden to the cross. RIP Warrior.